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November 23 2009

"Hallowhedon" screen printed poster. There simply aren't enough Whedon-related screen printed posters out there.

This one was created for "Hallowhedon", a 3-day convention celebrating the work of Joss Whedon.

Signed and numbered by artist James Rheem Davis.

I'm sure it looks really well-done in person, especially with the metallic silver ink. Digital images usually don't do screen prints justice.

Larger image here.

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very cool....i'd buy it if I had $39.99 to spare....
I saw these at the Con - very nifty.
It's so striking! I love it!

Too bad I can't reconcile spending $39.99 on it....
I'm a poster collector, so it was a no-brainer for me. I'll be getting it framed up soon enough.

But I completely understand that it may be too much. Also, before I learned about the printing process and how much work goes into it, I was more hesitant about spending that money.

At least there are people still speaking about Whedon's work :)
Oh man, I'm about to run out the door otherwise I'd be buying this now. It's a beautiful poster and I hope it doesn't sell out too fast!
I'm sure it's well worth the money, but the image itself just doesn't do it for me. A little bit too goth-y for my tastes.
I picked up one for the poster collection. Don't see much screen printed stuff anymore.

Here's hoping that the silver ink doesn't oxidize...

Who's that in the lower right corner? Doesn't look like Summer or Eliza to me.
I think that's supposed to be Eliza in "Dollhouse".

By the way, it's sold out now! You may still be able to get one from Under The Floorboards.

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"Who's that in the lower right corner? Doesn't look like Summer or Eliza to me. "

I thought that too, then noticed the gun and assumed it was for Dollhouse.

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