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November 24 2009

(SPOILER) IDW's Angelverse comic books for February. Angel #30, Angel: A Hole In The World #3 and the Angel: Only Human tpb all come out in this month.

Is lllyria "one of the Angelverse's most controversial characters"?

It's good to see that Willingham will be making use of Angel's supporting cast. Ever since After the Fall ended, everyone's been all over the place.
I was hoping to see the other cover; maybe its too spoilerish? Still no Spike monthly.
The line about Connor in the Angel #30 write up sounds interesting.
Well, Simon, who would you say is more controversial than Illyria? I'm simply not coming up with enough controversy to push her out of a "one of the Angelverse's most controversial characters" list. Connor goes in, obviously, and you could put Cordielia and Wesley's deaths on the list, perhaps, but I'm not coming up with enough ammo to credibly kick her out of the top 5.
I did think about this and I came up with Connor, Eve, Billy and The Immortal. Those characters did cause much flak in the fandom at one time or another.

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