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November 24 2009

Fox reveals midseason schedule, Dollhouse to follow Bones repeats. Beginning on January 8th, Dollhouse will follow repeats of Bones (starring David Boreanaz) for its remaining episodes.

How many episodes will be left come January?
Three. Full currently announced schedule: 12/4, 12/11, 12/18 (two episodes each night), then 1/8, 1/15, and the 1/22 finale.
"And Dollhouse will have special guest star David Boreanaz as Special Agent Seeley Booth."

Well yay. I loves me some Bones, even encore Bones, so it sounds like Friday will be nice for a few weeks.
Sounds like a good Whedony actor kind of night.
Maybe if FOX had done this in the first place we wouldn't be watching another Whedon show die an early death.

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'Eh. It had Summer Glau as a lead-in, in the beginning so I can't go that far. Definitely the best lead-in all year though.
"Maybe if FOX had done this in the first place we wouldn't be watching another Whedon show die an early death."

As much fun as demonizing FOX can be, realistically Dollhouse failed to attract and retain viewers. I don't remember the exact numbers, but I seem to recall there was a significant drop off during the second half hour of most episodes. That can't be blamed on the lead in FOX chose....
:D Gossi's Jedi Mind powers are in full effect *Still beaming, waves around hand* "We will now advertise Dollhouse, and will not rule out a possibility of renewal"... Can't hurt to try :P
Lets not go there.

Well, certainly looking forward to the series final, you guys know Joss is going to blow our socks off with this, right?

Oh yeah!
And mbeaparland, I don't want to fight with you right now, your right about the half hour drop offs but as far as adervising goes, fox did as bad a job as possible
I'm as big a fan as anyone of the argument that FOX botched promoting the show. But, honestly, at this point I'm doing my best to focus on what's left, and the fact that FOX seemingly will actually air it all. Looking backward just makes me angry and distracts me from gearing up to enjoy what's coming.
I for one can now fully enjoy the episodes without worrying about its viewer count.

Long live the Dollhouse! <3
I don't understand Fox's tendency to show random repeats. It's not like they're repeating the whole series, just random episodes - so why would anyone watch them? Surely they wouldn't make any sense out of context?
Comments like "series finale" makes me think Fox might have it in for Dollhouse.
Agreed, it's probably part of some nefarious plot to inform the viewing public that it's the end of the series. Will they stop at nothing to sabotage the show, even now at this most crucial period of already having been cancelled ?

... but as far as adervising goes, fox did as bad a job as possible

They advertise the show with hummus.

(it's always possible to do a worse job, just sayin' ;)
"I for one can now fully enjoy the episodes without worrying about its viewer count." - Jes

(I will learn rudimentary HTML code, I swear, just not at 4am)
ditto for me. I know what I have left. Will enjoy accordingly: met a random person tonight who was talking about how she dressed as Willow this Halloween. We bonded over Joss shows. "Cheers"ed and went our ways.

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Hummus is always getting a bad rap. I like hummus. I happen to think hummus-advertisements would be very persuasive and that, in large quantities, it could also make a very effective weapon. So there.

Surely they wouldn't make any sense out of context?

Are you talking about Bones? Because it's not all that arc-y & can easily be watched out of order.
Hummus is always getting a bad rap.

Hummus be joking.
Simon wins two internets and all it cost him was his eternal soul. Bargain.

(hummus advertising i'm not so sure about but vs a big giant snake I wouldn't bet against it - never count the chickpea out, it ain't over 'til it's over [wholemeal pitta bread])
Bones seems like a good lead in. And it makes more sense watched out of order anyway. Arcs, what arcs.
I don't know about you all, but hummus is always an essential ingredient at my picnics.
I just discovered that mice are stealing my chickpeas. Do you suppose they are making a hummus weapon against me?
And I'm with b!X. I'll enjoy the rest of what we have and be happy that among other things, we discovered some amazing new talent.
I third b!x's statement and also think Bones is a good lead as it isn't very arc-ish aside from the finales.
As long as they're actually airing all the final eps, I guess that's all we can ask for, at this point.

I second the discovering of amazing new talent. Let's hope they all have brilliant futures in TV/movies.
And as much as I appreciate the perfection of Enver G., it's Fran Kranz who stole my heart. (Also, I can spell his name) ;)
I doubt Bones repeats will be all that random. They'll probably just be encore presentations of the new episodes that were broadcast the day before. Due to the drop off in numbers during the half way period, the lead in is irrelevant. Kevin and Fox said that if Dollhouse could maintain ratings from season one, the show would remain on the air. Sadly, it was unable to perform that task, so it had to go. :(

This makes it a content issue and has less to do with outside, surrounding factors. Fox lived up to their end of the agreement by renewing the show for a season two and airing what was ordered and produced. However, with the ratings being so low this season, even some of the loyal Whedon fans (those with Neilsen boxes) stopped watching. That falls to one man, Joss Whedon, or at least, Joss and his writing staff. Personally, I find season two much more focused, surprising and entertaining, but it looks like I'm in the minority. Having said all that, I am happy about the lead in, and I'm very much looking forward to the remaining nine episodes.
Kungfubear, EVERYONE who's watched season one and two, loved two. Your in no minority. And FOX gave us a horrible slot, horrible lead ins, no advertising, all the advertising they did had the wrong dates and times or got interupted by the news, nobody who doesn't refresh whedonesque knew when DH started, they took it off the air several times without telling many people, leading everyone to think it was cancelled, etc. etc. The half hour drop offs were the show's fault. Alot wasn't.

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