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November 25 2009

(SPOILER) Promo stills from Dollhouse 2x07 and 2x08. To help us survive the Dollhouse drought, here are some stills from episode 2x07 and episode 2x08 (beware of huge spoilers).

Phew, finally some spoilers seem to be leaking out! This has been one hell of a drought...
I've switched over the url to GoldDust8912's link. Fox must have done a batch job for episodes 7 and 8. Alpha looks good in a suit it must be said.
Huh, interesting. I was thinking more along the lines of hospitals, and I actually considered Claire to be Jane Doe, but Echo in a prison makes sense too.

Fox must have done a batch job for episodes 7 and 8.

What's a "batch job"?
Automated bulk update (well in my book it is :)).
Echo is free? She must have escaped the Attic. Crazy. Not going to lie though, Echo helping an inmate in prison doesn't sound all that exciting.

Oh whoops, eps 7 and 8. Attic isn't 'til 10 right? My bad.

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Thanks, Simon. I kept running into multiple links for different combos of the same photos, haha. So stoked for these upcoming eps! Adelle/Harding is so bomb...
You weren't kidding about there being huge spoilers! Sometimes I'll read the spoiler articles and not even get what is so spoilery about them... this is not one of those times. Also I am pretty sure that picture number two is going to become my new desktop background.

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I'm glad I looked at the pictures but not the captions -- looks like Eliza Dushku's performance is a highlight, which is saying a lot when one is surrounded by actors like this!
Well considering "Man on the Street" was basically Echo being a a significant other and Paul being a "detective", I wouldn't put much stock in the captions. That show didn't sound interesting either.

Great episodes are usually more than their premise.

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I'm interested in how the prison story works out. Is Summer supposed to be in any more episodes after 6 or is her stint done?
Is Summer supposed to be in any more episodes after 6 or is her stint done?

I think there was a news item a month ago or so that .
...Boyd (Harry Langton)...


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