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November 25 2009

Stephen Mooney's Angel sketchbook is now up for order. "The book itself is 84 pages and costs 10.00 euro. The postage and packaging(anywhere in the world) would be another 5 euro, so you're looking at 15 quid altogether".

He and the others from Ecclectic Micks' have also released a sketchbook that you might be able to order.

Good Xmas present for an Angel comic book fan.
Very nice, in for one.
I went to the Eclectic Micks signing a couple of weeks ago in Dublin and met the good man himself, who signed a copy of his sketchbook for me and my TPB of the Not Fade Away adaptation.

Thanks again Stephen:)
You're more than welcome man!
Thanks so much for making the effort to come in, it's very much appreciated. Hope you liked the sketchbook!

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