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November 25 2009

Nicholas Brendon's back on Criminal Minds tonight. He returns for the 100th episode of CM tonight. Plus, due to the success of his play, "The Santaland Diaries", more shows have been added to the calendar.

Oh thanks for the heads up, I would have missed it, and I really enjoy NB's character on Criminal Minds (I'm just not that crazy about the rest of the show).
Awesome. The only reason I'd watch.

So, shall I timeshift Glee or watch it On Demand? No, I still don't have a PVR.
You can also Hulu Glee, but not Criminal Minds!
First of all: Yay Nicky!
And then:
No, I still don't have a PVR.

Is this a typo or a DVR derivative?
PVR is the Canadian DVR. We use ABMs, too, instead of ATMs.
That was amazing. Nicky was barely in it as usual, but what an episode.
I could potentially PVR (aka DVR) if I had one, but no Hulu.
He did, however, have a lot of dialogue about a donut. Wonder if this was a shout-out to Xander or just a coincidence :)

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