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"I can see the maudlin segment of tonight's binge is in full swing."
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November 25 2009

A Weekend at Southdown Abbey Shindig. Seems to involve more then just 'sittin' and 'meditating over the wonders of your rock garden'.

Charity: The Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center
'Abbey Fashion Show'
'Costume Picnic in the Park'
'Catered reception featuring The Bedlam Bards'
'Serenity on the Big Screen'

Brain weirdly just made the (possible) connection between Southdown Abbey and the South Downs in southern England which are pretty close to Winchester where Joss went to school (the South Downs Way national trail actually starts/ends at Winchester now though it didn't when Joss was there). Strange how synapses can suddenly connect the (possible) dots after years of not doing so.

All of which has bugger all to do with this shindig at which I hope everyone has a cracking time ;).

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