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November 25 2009

Fan report from last weekend's Firefly/Serenity Convention. Any other reports? Pics etc? Yep, in thread.

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Lovely report, I think it's great that Alan liberated the bean dip to 'represent' Nathan at the Q&A's. These guys are great.
I can say they came in after breakfast was servered and everyone had eatan. In typicall Alan style, he got to the mic said "Hello." the proceeded (jokingly) to tell everyone not to eat the bacon because it was tainted. Then he made a face and said, those who ate the bacon may have to leave very quickly, shortly. At which point I chimed in with to late already been there and done. I didn't think I said it that loud but Alan heard me, and he kept going with the joke. I forgot what he said but it was funny. Got to loove morning laughter. I have a few shots up and will add more thing weekend. However, there are others who have posted some in the whedonesque library on flickr people can check out.

ETA : Creation mentioned that next year's evenr may be expanded to include othyer whedon related shows and guest.

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LOL I clicked to read that, and found it was my own blog. :D I really had a great time. These guys are the best. I really hope I can go again.
Brian Rubin wrote an excellent report here at Whedonopolis.
I have pictures at my Flickr page, including a picture of a palm tree in the fog.
It sounds like it was great fun.

Does anyone have any info from the QMx panel? I've seen pics of the Serenity mule and the Dr. Horrible maquette and heard info about a naked Mal maquette. Was there any other info/hints they dropped?

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