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November 26 2009

A new trailer for the Browncoats: Redemption fan film. This was shown at last weekend's Firefly/Serenity convention. It's a very impressive look at the 'Verse.

it's really nice to see the level of involvement more and more whedonites are delving into; with fan works such as horrible turn, as well. joss, you must be so excited that people are taking your ideas further in your honor.
I concur. It looks like a lot of fun. I note The clips of The Bedlam Bards (and was that Nathan's pal author P.J. Haarmsa of Kids Need to Read?). How great! With Redemption and, possibly The Bellflower, being released in 2010, it truly seems to be a year when Browncoats will rise again.

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I can see Joss being pleased about Redemption, but I don't know about Horrible Turn. Dr. Horrible is still such a baby franchise - and Horrible Turn, while extremely excellent (and enjoyable), feels to me more like cradle robbing and seems a bit disrepectful to Joss.

Although on Twitter Jed called it "cool" and Maurissa called it "adorable". Or, the trailer anyway. I don't remember if they've said anything since.

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if i remember correctly, joss was excited about it as well... let me find you a link...
"So do you love or loathe the fan video faux sequel to Dr. Horrible, Horrible Turn? Have you seen it?
As long as theyíre not charging for it, I think itís adorable. As long as it doesnít become copyright infringement, I think itís itsy kitschy glitzy."
side note- tv guide apparently misquoted joss, which he commented on in the post "Joss Whedon talks Glee, Terminator and the Dr Horrible sequel."

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Maybe it's just me, but it doesn't look too great to me. Looks like a lot of work was put in it and its good that there are fans that involved, but I don't know, not something I felt like I wanted to watch.
This looks like a fun effort and it's certainly a cute trailer. I do usually have trouble sitting through an entire fan-film, however well-crafted, usually because the acting is cringe-worthy, but I applaud the efforts nonetheless. It'll be interesting to see how this one turns out.

As for Horrible Turn: I do get the criticism Succatash raises. In fact: I've had to tell a few people that, no, this wasn't the official follow-up (there were a some people thinking that when the trailer premiered). But in the end, if Joss, Jed, Mo and the rest are fine with it, support the effort and think it's 'cool'/'adorable', then I'm fine with it too. Those guys made it out of love and created a much-better-than-usual fan-effort which should be applauded, I'd say. Plus: the thing that made it okay for me, was that Joss and co. already actively encouraged creative engagement through the ELE application process. An entire fan film then just seems like the 'logical' next step.
Yes. Sadly it looks like a lot of work and love went into it but not much knowledge of film making.
Doing a fan film means usually getting the mastercard bills, and usually all the flack in the 'verse from folks who may or may not know (or care) what headaches are involved on any level ('big' or 'small' fan film) that make just COMPLETION of a projection a giant challenge.

If they got support from Joss or Jed Whedon, that's awesome!

Anyhow, congrats to the folks who worked on the project- Looking forward to it!

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