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November 26 2009's Top 100 DVDs and Blu-ray Discs of 2009. The editors voted the Dollhouse season one DVD in at number 22. And the show took sixth place in the Best TV DVDs of 2009 section.

Now it's cancelled we can expect all sorts of high places in prestigious lists. And also in this Amazon one.
I wouldn't rank it in my top 10 of TV dvds of 2009 for sure.I like Dollhouse but this was a great year for TV.
This makes me happy--it's good to see the show get some (nearly posthumous) recognition.
Whoo-hoo! Castle is #66 and The Guild is #68!
What's also pretty awesome is that Dollhouse occupies the #2 place (ahead of the new Star Trek movie!) in the category of "Best Movies & TV of 2009: Science Fiction".

Betting season 2 of "Dollhouse" will crack their top 10.

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