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November 26 2009

"Pangs" gets recognition on The Daily Beast. The season 4 Thanksgiving episode "Pangs" recognized as one of "15 Classic Thanksgiving Episodes." Nice to see the Buffster get some mainstream recognition!

Mainstream recognition? Can someone explain what The Daily Beast actually is then? Never heard of it and Wikipedia didn't really help. It looks like The Onion but with actual news?
Where's the WKRP in Cincinnati episode "Turkeys Away"?
Not sure how to explain it other than what's on Wikipedia: "The Daily Beast is an American news reporting and opinion website published by Tina Brown, former editor of Vanity Fair and The New Yorker. About one-third of its content is original, while the rest is aggregated links to articles written by other news outlets."

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The Daily Beast is nowhere near mainstream, but great mention anyway. :)
Really?! I have seen the Daily Beast on CNN and The Daily Show. It's not exactly, but it's certainly not a cult-site or even a television-specific news outlet. Generally I think their reporting is very hit or miss (mostly miss), but of course I was pleased to see Buffy given a nod.

Anyways, I hope you all are having a great turkey day! =)
"Pangs" is one of my favourite episodes.
Love "Pangs" (I'm devastated that I forgot to bring season 4 home from college with me so I could watch it while everyone else went into a food coma), but am I the only one who's a little disturbed to see Buffy on the same list as a Full House episode?
"You made a Bear!"
"I didn't mean to!"
"Undo it! Undo it!"

Classic. One of my faves. :)
I remember the last time I watched Pangs :)
It was yesterday. I laughed out pretty loud at the bear-thing!
I think it's just great to see "Pangs" get recognition in Thanksgiving time, regardless if the source is mainstream or not. It's a great episode. :)
Don't fret, 5X5B. Referring to the Daily Beast as "mainstream" just ups your cult cred. ;)

And Yay Pangs! - although it should have been #1. (We rabid Whedonites are never satisfied).
I watched major portions of Pangs yesterday. It still holds up, especially when I let some time go by in-between viewings of Buffy. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt, particularly that Buffy's focus on having a "perfect" Thanksgiving made her insensitive to what everyone else was going through. Giles: "You look like death!" Buffy (to Xander): "You didn't bring rolls?!"

Somehow, only Buffy could make Thanksgiving and syphilis funny in the same episode. I was very thankful yesterday.
Tonya J, you reminded me of the second best thing about Pangs (after Jane E's hilarious dialog) - SMG's pitch-perfect timing.
Actually, the entire cast was firing on ensemble perfection, but Sarah was just awesome.
Ah, thank you. Isn't that one of the great episodes? (the ending with Xander letting the cat out of the bag and all the people at the dinner table looking at Buffy in various states of amusement and horror slays me every time) I'm sure for Xmas, I'll be watching Amends.

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