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November 27 2009

E! says that Tara and Willow are the best lesbians on tv ever. And well they are not wrong!

Aren't they the only lesbians on that list? The rest are just testing the waters. It's the "cool thing" to do when your writing a teenage girl or soapy drama.

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Jayme: Those dolls from Grays Anatomy aren't, they're a full-on couple.

I feel like i should be watching TV at midnight and that with 2 simple payments of $19.99 I can have this website sent to me in an inconspicuous black package.

Classy E....classy.
Frick, I wasn't sure about Grey's. I assumed they were a full-on couple... since its Grey's but that description didn't do it any favours.
I agree, aus-mitch. "TV's Hot Girl-on-Girl Action." That's borderline offensive. And kinda over the border.
"And then, since we've also noticed gayness on TV has gone from genuinely risqué to something you can shamelessly exploit for ratings, check out our new Hot Girl-on-Girl Action gallery to vote on some recent cases of situational lesbianism on TV and tell the world: Are these lady pairings sincerely sexy or just sorta silly stunts?"
out of the whole list, I think Willow and Tara's relationship was the only relationship that didn't start off for ratings. Which definitely makes them the best lesbian couple on tv....and without a doubt, the best couple on that list.

and what's up with creating a list of "hot girl-on-girl action" from tv shows and not put up a single couple from 'The L Word'?? that show had definite great lesbian couples.

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E! mentioning cable shows? You must be joking. ;p
Of course they are the best.

Tara is... well everything a human being can ever be. And probably a bit more.

Other absolutely awesomely great gay girls couples:

* Bette & Tina
* Spencer & Ashley
* Pepa & Silvia
* Dana & Lara

Check them out, while we wait for new DH episodes!
Hmm, pretty random list.

I love 10 Things I Hate About You, and that episode, but it's hardly Girl-On-Girl - they don't even kiss.

Also, no Kerry Weaver? I suppose it didn't make the list because she's a bit older and therefore less titillating (to some).
Such tough competition...(!)
Well, duh. Longterm loving relationships trump ratings "hook-ups" any day.
Season 6, Episode "Entropy":

TARA: Well, it's, it's not really so much about hating the men.
WILLOW: We're more centered around the girl on girl action. (emphasis added)

So if TV guide was "borderline offensive" with their title "hot girl on girl action", add the word "hot" to our girls' dialog above and they'd also be considered the same. Is the word "hot" offensive?

Personally, I don't see the problem. Willow and Tara found each other hot. Lovers often do or they wouldn't be lovers. There's nothing wrong with that, anymore than heterosexual lovers finding each other hot.
Queer As Folk had a lesbian couple for its entire 5-season run (never did catch the last year of it). So did the original UK version/mini-series, but they barely featured. Mel and Lindsey were okay. Sometimes boringly written.

Haven't seen The L Word yet.

Wonder if Heroes (everyone's favorite trainwreck--unless you're watching Smallville as well and consider that more trainwrecky than Heroes, but hey I can't complain, I'm on Season 5 of that series, one of Clark's better years) will turn its current flirtation with bisexuality into something more than just a stunt. It feels like something they might be doing right with the show, but...I don't get my hopes up.
I write about this every time -- but Tara & Willow are the best lesbians I've ever seen on TV because they're normal. Okay, so they're also both witches. But their relationship is normal -- they're cute together, they get in fights but make up, they kiss on-screen and it's not the end of the world...

And after the initial surprise, the rest of the Scoobies treat it as normal. In "Family" the problem isn't that Tara's a girl, the problem is they haven't really gotten to know Tara. And they make her part of the family anyway.
I have to echo most of the above.
And they choose a picture I truly adore of them...largely because it made me feel even closer to Amber. With that profile, she could almost blend into my own family.

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