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November 27 2009

Happy Birthday, Maurissa Tancharoen! One Mo' quiet, uneventful year in the life.

Saturday, Nov. 28, is her birthday.

:D happy birthday in 16 minutes (by my time) awesome person/writer/songwriter/singer/actor/human!!
I refuse to post until it's the 28th here.



Well, since I ruined that: Happy birthday to the self-professed Asian Whedon.
Happy Birthday in a few more hours, Maurissa! May your next year be even better and more full of accomplishments and accolades, if that's even possible.
It's the 28th here already, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Hope you have a great day, and wish you all the best today and always!

We <3 you!
Happy birthday, Maurissa! Hope it's fantastic.
Happy birthday, Maurissa! I expect much singing coming your way from your husband. :D
Have been a Whedon fan for a long time, but now I'm a Tancharoen fan, too! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with this year. (But I hope today you're just eating cake & having fun.)
Happy Birthday Mo! Tell us what you got, tell us, tell us!
Happy birthday Maurissa and many more, you put the 'Mo' in Momentous (I may just have put the 'cheese' in this comment).

And I say this from November 28th where it's the future already (**spoilers** flying cars at last ! **spoilers**).
Happy birthday, Maurissa! And thanks to Pointy for a really wonderful Mo-centric link-compilation.
Glad you pointed that out (I clicked on the main title - which is to Wikipedia - without realising the same coloured link to the right is actually several different links none of which are to Wikipedia). Nice one Pointy ;).
Happy Birthday, Mo! Keep right on being amazing!
Happy Birthday to one of my favorite Whedons! I hope it is an awesome day, and I hope you & Jed get an album (er... I mean CD) out soon!
Happy Birthday, Maurissa! You've done great things for us while being on the team for Doctor Horrible and Dollhouse. Thank you for being awesome!
Happy Birthday from another Tancharoen fan!
And have many more; they're good for you (it has been conclusively demonstrated that those who have the most birthdays live the longest).
Happy birthday, Maurissa! You're awesome.
Great one Pointy, damn you Saje (or thank you... buying stock in flying cars... NOW!) and happiest of happy days to you, M. Hope that you have a wonderful jubilee ahead of you, a celebration of at least a week :).
Happy birth anniversary Maurissa! Hope the next year is even better than the last!
Pleasure's all mine, Wiesengrund, Zeitgeist and Saje! Linking's easier than thinking. :D

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