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September 06 2002

Buffy Tarot In my neverending search to find strange things to sell on ebay I came across several Buffy tarot decks....

None of the decks are real, they are all just ideas of who would be which cards.

The first deck isn't very good...although the images are great. The First Slayer is the 0 card, aka, the Fool. The Magician is Joss...that's ok, too. But then it turns into things like The Mother and the Mayor which aren't even real tarot cards.

This deck is better. Xander is the Fool, which isn't an insult since the Fool is a sort of happy wanderer. Jenny Calendar is the High Preistess, another one I agree with, but wouldn't have thought of. Buffy is Strength. Faith is Temperance, which is total casting against type. Willow and Tara are the lovers, and Spike is Death. Those are all pretty good.

But Angelus is the Magician, and Darla is the World, and Wesley is the Emperor, which makes no sense at all. Willow is the Devil, what's up with that? Faith or Angel should have been the Devil. Even Cordelia would have been a better choice, since the Devil represents greed and pleasures of the flesh (although she's changed since the first 3 seasons).

While searching I came across this, Doomsday Deck . A Buffy book about an evil tarot deck. The book description is "Arts and Crafts and Evil." I never read the Buffy books, other than the Watcher's Guide. They just don't seem to be very good.

And, finally, free online tarot readings by a woman named Tara...and who's obviously a Buffy fan, since she uses Amber Benson's pic.

I was really hoping I'd find a Buffy Tarot deck I could buy, it would go so well with my Hello Kitty Tarot Deck.

by a strange coincidence a friend of mine is writing some excellent fanfic about the adventures of post season 6 Spike based on the 22 Tarot cards. if you are interested in reading them.
There's some cool speculation concerning playing cards and Tarot cards. I'm not up to date with all of it, but there are numerous references to cards in S5 and S6. Check the Stakehouse archives for more on this. Or, watch all of S6 again and start jotting down images of cards, hearts, clubs, etc. I'd probably do that if I wasn't watching the season in Media Player.

One example I can reproduce is the tarot card that lies near Giles' head when he's on the floor of the magic box in "Grave". There's some debate on which card exactly it is, but I think most assume it's the Magician.
I'd make Giles the Hierophant. The Magician has a certain knowledge and power of his own, the Hierophant is more of an observer. There's a certain loneliness there. The Magician creates his own power, the Hierophant has had it thrust upon him.
Looks like I got here a bit late, but I've also made an (incomplete) deck. It's up at
I know this is a very old post but I thought I would add my two cents anyway just in case anyone was still interested in the idea of a Buffy Tarot Deck. I have been working on a Buffy Deck for quite some time now and have recently finished designing all 78 cards. I'm just fixing some finishing touches to the card design. It started out as a personal project since I've been reading Tarot since I was in high school and always felt that Buffy lends itself perfectly to that medium, but soon I've realized that many other fans have shown an interest.

Is there still interest out there for a deck of this nature? If so would anyone have any advice on how to distribute/or market this item without infringing on any copyright isues???

Just so you see that this is a decent well made deck i will include a couple of my cards.

Fool Xander, Magican Willow, High Priestess Tara, Heirophant Giles, Hermit Angel, Justice Anya, Two of Cups Tara&Willow, EightofWands Oz&Willow, ThreeofSwords Cordelia, Xander, Willow, Queen of Cups Drusilla, Page of Wands Andrew.
I've finally finished my Tarot Deck!! Three years of working on my Buffy deck has been worth it. I have it in pdf format if anyone is interested send me an email or post.

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