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October 27 2003

(SPOILER) TNMC Interview with David Fury General stuff about what to expect this season, muppets, and shipyard work.

Is this a self post? I didn't schedule this interview, honest!

Ah, nothing like a few words from David Fury to set the Internet on fire. Let the games begin.
Fury confirms we wont be seeing Buffy this year. Disappointing but not neccisarily that surprising.
We're doing our best in the first batch of episodes to explain the show and the characters to new viewers. (And this is without the benefit of "Previously ons" which we're foregoing this year).

At least he brought a little bit of good news. I'm taking that as him implying that we won't have to endure that much more "this-exposition-is-for-the-newbies" type of annoying banter, since it feels like the first batch of episodes has now been aired. Best bit though? No more previouslies! Does that mean we'll get about 30 seconds more of an episode from now on, or will The WB just fill that time with a network promo?
Glad Buffy's not appearing on the show. Having Angel, Spike and Buffy work out their triangle issues while the rest of the cast once again stand on the sidelines is something I can live without.

I like that the writers don't take the show as seriously as we might do. At least not in their public appearances. Fans can be so protective about their objects of desire. Like no one else is allowed to take the mickey out of them. Heh, I know what I'm talking about. Ever been around U2 fans?

No more previouslies... does that mean they'll be saving that money so they can let the characters venture outside W and H?
In fact, I just write my Angel scripts as Buffy episodes, then change character names when I'm done... Giles becomes Wesley, Willow becomes Fred, Tara becomes Gunn, etc...

I'm assuming Xander=Lorne, which explains why we only seem to see Lorne in passing so far this seasons.

And I'm glad Buffy's not going to be showing up, too. Like how I didn't want Captain Kirk in Star Trek: Generations. Just let the character go for a while, I'll be more interested after getting to watch other storylines.
Chemistry just fell out when we "lost" Charisma...Lost? How do you lose an actor? Oh, you mean lost as in "fired"...I see now! I'm a little tired of the standard ME cover-story concerning CC.
Man, this is joyless collection of posts.

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