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November 28 2009

Video of the Jane Espenson and Tim Minear QMX panel. At the Creation Salute to Firefly/Serenity event, last Saturday.

RavenU, that was wonderful, thank you for posting!

Orange cones and acknowledging the fans know better. Gosh, I love Jane and Tim. Such keystone writers!
That was indeed wonderful to watch. I do like the orange cones metaphor as applied to an outline (I may use that myself). And, although brief, I enjoyed watching both of them talking about writing for Alan Tudyk at the very end. It wasn't just what they said, but how their expressions and body language changed. And, although I have no interest in writing a spec script myself, I enjoy listening to both of them talking about that process, even if I've heard or read what they've said about that process before. But I learn some little bit new each time.
This is great. I never would have guessed where the fear of riserless stairs came from.
Thank you so much for putting the entire discussion on line!!!
Youtube isn't streaming the last part very well, I think.

Great panel, nonetheless.
Thank you RavenU for posting this, and a huge thanks to QMx for putting the video online! This was the very thing I was sorry to have missed at Creation Con, and I am very grateful for the chance to see it.
Good to know I have a standby Alan Tudyk and Captain Tightpants in my head whenever the need should arise.

I can't even begin to express how much I love these.
Thank you so much! I love the bit about linguistics and the importance of honest dialogue- makes me sincerely miss Jane's blog.
Thanks so much! That was fascinating.
Wonderful panel. They both seem to be amazing people. Hope sometime in the future they will be reunited on a tv-project again, their involvement is a guarantee for something incredible.

@ palehorse, there are three more vids after the one that ends with the bit about writing for Alan Tudyk.
Loved the panel. It is so clear why I love the shows/episodes on which these great writers/showrunners worked. Especially loved Jane-the-language-geek's passion and clarity of thought about 'living language' and her respect for the 'rules' of other dialects. LOL at Tim's "free the adverb!" and admiration for his writing metaphor of the orange cones. A great find, Ravenu and thanks for linking to it!
@The Groosalugg, Wow, completely missed the rest. I did think it ended rather abruptly. Thanks.
Great panel, cheers for the link. Jane and Tim are funny singly and funny together, funny seems to be the common thread.

Also loved the language stuff, always a pleasure hearing what Jane has to say about that (particularly when she really geeks out over it ;). Coincidentally I read a book called "Language Myths" a couple of weeks back which had essays on, among many other interesting ideas, the myth that non-standard dialects are less rich or more primitive than the standard version (as Jane says, they're not) and on whether we should regard the "big no-no"s of English usage as genuine issues (the anti split-infinitive prejudice isn't really a rule of Latin but because infinitive markers are embedded in the words themselves it's just impossible to split an infinitive in Latin, it'd be like saying 'goboldlying' - when English was being rationalised in the 18th and 19th centuries scholars used various aspects of Latin, the language of the intelligentsia, as their model, regardless of whether it resulted in natural constructions in English).
...And bonus points to Tim for the minor Dollhouse spoiler ;) (I doubt anybody will care).
Brilliant panel! Jane geeking out over language was joyful. I love talking about how language evolves and breaks rules! Oh, Jane - why so awesome?

This is also the first time I've heard Tim Minear speak and he's hilarious. They made the perfect duo.

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