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November 29 2009

Firefly DVD set at BestBuy for just $10.99. Free shipping on orders over $25... makes a great stocking stuffer for your friends/family who don't have it yet!

No. I won't buy it.

a) I don't live in America.
b) I don't have time for a great show that got cancelled, because then I'll miss it (still pissed over Angel).
Fruck, better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. And Firefly is REALLY good...
Win! I plan on grabbing a few for relatives who haven't seen it yet. :D
Frick, Firefly is so good it's worth getting your heart broken over it.
Frick, what MattManic said. And AlexReager.

And besides, don't you want to be in on all the jokes? :)

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Thank you for posting this!
need. Blu ray. Now!
I'm just going to join the conversion party. Frick, it's not like you will be wasting your time - There's 14 episodes and a film. And, defintely echoing what alexreager said. There's so many examples of television at its finest with cancelled shows - it might have not come to a creative end, but they had a damn creative start. Though, Firefly did, the same as Angel, have better luck at resolving hanging plot-lines. than most It's not like... I dunno... Popular's ending.
Frick, there are 14 episodes (one is almost 90 minutes, so basically 15 episodes), a movie, two graphic novels, an 8 page thing in Myspace Dark Horse presents that gives me hope it might go on there some more, a short story project DEFINETLY in the works, some more comics coming, and in the distant future it might continue in some form. Plus, most of my favorite shows have been cancelled.

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Christmas presents! My favorite kind to give. :)
Thank you for posting this.
Whether Firefly lasted for 14 episodes or 14 seasons, Joss would have ripped our still beating hearts out of our chests and giggled manically while doing a clog dance on them... so i.e., you're going to get your heart broken in the Jossverse one way or the other, so just accept it and enjoy all the awesomeness that is there. One's life will be richer for the experience of Firefly.

This is a great price, and continued strong sales of the Firefly DVD keep feeding the flames to reignite it in some way. The only problem for me is that I've already given Firefly DVD sets to all my friends and family.

The FF DVD set is a fabulous gift, this is a great price, so I guess I gotta go out and make more friends...
Dang it.. My husband bought it for me the other day for $12.99. These are the times when I wish I had more geek friends like me who I can gift this to.
Just bought two sets as Christmas gifts... thanks for the tip!!!

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