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November 29 2009

Dollhouse Season 1 DVD nominated for Satellite Award. Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris also got nominations.

Shiny Statue.

Click on New Media tab
DVD Release of a TV show
Dollhouse: Season 1 DVD

Television tab
Actor in a Series, Drama
Nathan Fillion Castle

Actor in a supporting role in a series, miniseries or motion picture made for television
Neil Patrick Harris How I Met Your Mother

I think this is well deserved: the unaired episode 'Epitaph One' is awesome, the pilot is an unusual DVD 'extra' and is very interesting to fans, plus lots of commentary and interview goodness. It is certainly my favorite new DVD set (not counting the incredibly wonderful Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog!).

And Fox wanted Joss to do a clip episode...instead we got awesome!
Clip episode xDD So. Funny.
I don't know what those other DVDs are like. What chance do we think it has at winning?
I know that Sons of Anarchy is red hot right now and Ally McBeal has been getting a lot of really good press. Also, True Blood is amazing. It's a longshot.
dead link, any one know what the actual link should be?
They weren't supposed to be posted until tomorrow.
Well all the press releases are focussing on the film nominations rather than the tv ones so grrrh argh. The IPA has also been genre friendly, they nominated Buffy season 7 for some awards back in the day.
The nomination wasn't even in the TV category, it was in the New Media one if I'm not mistaken.
It's back up now.

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