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November 29 2009

Dollhouse S1 DVD for $14.99 at Best Buy. The website says that it is only available through Monday night. Currently sold out online, but may still be available in-store.

Wish I'd known this sooner, would have gotten it for a friend for Christmas if it were still available online. Hopefully I'll be able to luck into another sale between now and then.
Yippee! I grabbed a copy in my local store. Finally, I will get to see "Epitaph One!"
so the cyber-monday sale prices are good at the stores too? Nice! I wonder if the bluray is on sale.
I'm guessing that maybe the studio might release a "complete series" box after the second season is out... since they were each half-seasons, it would make it easier for them in the future to get shelf space. But I haven't read any rumors about that.
sarahb, it's still monday night, you can still get it... right?
I tried it, the store said it was web-only.
I went to the store and bought two as Christmas gifts. Such an awesome deal.

lloannna, you should have complained to them. If the website doesn't have any left and leaves the stores as an alternative without a warning that the price would be different it would be false advertising.

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