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November 30 2009

Mutant Friends - episode one. Lucy James tries to deal with her love for Joss' shows in the debut webisode "Crazy Random Happenstance". The concept works, kudos.

I really enjoyed that. I can definitely see The Guild all over its business. Not quite sure where it can go, but I'm sold for the time being. Awesome.
Heh. Putting Whedonesque in the tags for the video is total bait :). Definitely trying for a "The Guild" vibe.
Looks great to me. Although I don't think, the percentage of male Joss Whedon Fans is that low.
She said "neither of those is particularly attractive" followed by the card that said "Nor are a large percentage of male Joss Whedon fans... But that's an entirely different issue". Rubbish :).
Aahh, damn, thought i misunderstood something.
Genderally speaking (har har...), the cliches about genre fans being unattractive and socially inept are holding less water than ever before. Plus, now "Nerds run shit," as Gabe said in Nerdcore Rising ;).
Cute. ;-) I'm looking forward to more episodes. And Zeitgeist, of course it is rubbish. There there. *pat pat*
Even more reasons for me to get a Jayne-hat..
Yep, cute. I'll definitely watch the next one.
I enjoyed that so much I'm worried about me.
My Hammer groupie shirt has been recognized once on my campus, sadly. :/ And I've never seen a Jayne hat in person before.

I want a Jayne hat. I have an orange knitted hat with a poof on top, but the person who did it didn't know how to make it more like Jayne's.
I have an orange knitted hat with a poof on top ...

Jeez, "separated by a common language" was never truer ;-).

(guy walks down the street in that hat he really isn't afraid of anything ;)

Nice vid. Yeah, it's got a Guild vibe but the slightly weird docu-fic mix makes it its own beast I reckon. And what qualifies a percentage as "large" varies, it's sufficiently vague that I can live with it (cos it those other guys, right ? Always those other guys ;).
LOL @ Saje :) Was the poof puffing on a fag? Oh, I see, you meant...
Possibly while munching his Spotted Dick ;).

(not a term I use myself but it still made me laugh)
Indeed... the wackiness of vernacular/dialect/etc.

(not a term I use myself but it still made me laugh)

Same, and likewise my other example, truly.

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I'll definitely be watching and hoping she meets her Jayne hat wearer.... And of course it does appear as though there are more female fans if you had only attended Buffy Conventions, luckily attending Firefly conventions (and/or any generic sci-fi or comic book conventions) does confirm that there are more men than women who are crazy obsessed fans. And for my money those obsessed guys are very cute.

I would wear my Jayne hat more, but it makes my hair go all flat and weird looking.
"I mean, is it sad that at the ripe old age of 20, I'm 98% certain that I can only have a deep and meaningful romantic relationship with someone who either loves or has heard of and is willing to develop a deep and abiding love for the works of Joss Whedon?"

I never realized how true this is for me...sad. Oh, and I'm also 20. Awesome.

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Same, and likewise my other example, truly.

Probably wise, you haveta watch out for the pro-cigarette lobby, those guys are vicious ;).

(finally watched 'Thank You for Smoking' the other night, great film)
I thought this was cute and can't wait for it to discover its rhythm as it progresses.

I recently appeared in the web series I write, and I was very specific about a particular wardrobe item and very adamant about not ever mentioning the specific reference, and so was particularly pleased when many viewers commented that they knew what it was and were delighted to see it. Check it out, if you like:

Also, on having your own Jayne hat: A friend of mine recently linked me to this: Do with it what you will. :)
@marvelknight616 - truer words were never spoken... 'cause, right there with ya buddy. Except... I'm now 25. Haha. But this looks great, and it's something I can relate to - had my "Bad Horse Chorus" ring-tone recognised by several of the girls in my history lecture, while all the guys were like "Huh? o.O?"
Ya....I can totally relate to this. Oh, how I wish there were some Joss crazies (that aren't crazy...) near me.
Heh. I totally enjoyed this :).

And of course it does appear as though there are more female fans if you had only attended Buffy Conventions,

Yeah embers, I too have noticed at past Buffy conventions that there were more female than male attendees. During the one UK one I went to I met at least 4 girls in those two days that gave me that 'crap-why-don't-they-live-closer-by-and-I-should-have-asked-for-their-phone-number-or-at-the-very-least-their-e-mail-adress-I-am-such-a-coward' regret afterwards ;). At least the flirting was always fun.

But yes: there really is something very appealing about meeting new fellow fans, especially if they're single, cute fellow fans (plus, like z mentioned: unattractive and socially inept? Not so much, at those cons :)). Although, as someone who's currently in a relationship with a non-fan: that works as well ;).

(finally watched 'Thank You for Smoking' the other night, great film)

It really was, yeah. I'm also looking forward to Reitman's next writing/directing project, Up in the Air. Wonder if it'll prove to be of the same quality.

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Why did I not have a giant group of local friends (i. e., more than 3 or 4) like this when I was 20?

Of course, I did have the internet, so that was a big help.

I once randomly sang "The Hero of Canton" at a party and it ended well. It might be time to start ambling about campus singing songs from Dr. Horrible.
Sounds like a plan, Kiba. :D
Luckily, I'm married to someone whose love for Joss Whedon's works is almost as "deep and abiding" as mine. I'm sure we would have a happy marriage anyway, but I'm glad I don't have to find out...
I decided a long time ago that I needed to date women who either liked or could like Joss's stuff. Not as a crazed fanboy extreme, but for the very simple reason that if they don't like Joss's humor, they won't like mine... and if I don't have my humor, I've got nothing at all.
Oh I got to check this one out. Sounds great!
Clicked the link, not expecting much - but this was really, really good.

The bar that people are setting with "fan efforts" is moving ever higher!
It really was, yeah. I'm also looking forward to Reitman's next writing/directing project, Up in the Air. Wonder if it'll prove to be of the same quality.

That's a hell of a cast GVH, Clooney, Jason Bateman, Zach Galifianakis, JK Simmons, Sam Elliot, Melanie Lynskey (who was great in 'Away We Go', nice little film)... seems to me like it's theirs to throw away (good to see a few names from 'Thank You for Smoking' that want to work with him again, says something about a director I reckon).
I'm married to the person who introduced me to Joss's work.
It seems Whedonesque itself works as a dating service to those who love Joss Whedon's work. (Raise your hand if you're a victim.)

I think if I found a mate, they'd have to have a deep abiding love for ALL of his works almost equally (no heavy slants). With my brief brushes with other fans, those who camp seem to have difficulty traveling, which won't work well for me who loves to walk any path Joss takes.

But they can't be surface scribers either. Just can't watch & enjoy the show, they gotta talk about it as well. Examine every piece. But be willing to give in on my thoughts as well (I'll give back). It's irksome to watch his shows and not be able to really dive into them with someone.

Hm. So broadened tastes of Joss with a sense of depth, but not necessarily spelunking into any particular piece. Interesting. I didn't realize I was so picky. Maybe this is why I watch alone. :(
Wow. I'm more than slightly overwhelmed by all of the positive feedback! This began as a project on fan cultures for a final exam, and I'm delighted that other Whedon fans understand where I'm coming from. My classmates did not.

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