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November 30 2009

(SPOILER) Casting Call for Dollhouse 2x13. Last casting call for Dollhouse ever.

Filming on this episode, which will conclude the Second Season as well as the whole series, will begin on December 8th. It was penned by the writing trio Maurissa Tancharoen, Jed Whedon & Andrew Chambliss.

It looks like we'll get to meet another doll.

But what about Juliet? I mean, you can't have Romeo without Juliet, right? ;-)
Gosh, I hope Dollhouse doesn't plan to go out like The Inside did.
Romeo getting hardcore and tattooey sounds Epitaph Twoish to me.

Or maybe I'm just hopeful
900lb Active sittin' on Ballard's face!
By the way, Tim gave this away at the weekend elsewhere so I think it's okay to post here - the series catches up with Epitaph One stuff. In episode 11. Be excited - it's really awesome.
Catches up in that we actually get to that point and then 12 an 13 are beyond?
Well apperently in episodes 7 and 8 the events of Epitah One ctart to "come into play." This can mean alot of things flugufrelsarinn, but it might mean that they get to the timeline, so catches up probably means to that exact episode.

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Wow. I'm so excited!

Yet sad at the same time... even though the show is gonna go out with a bang, it's going to be sad knowing that it was never meant to go to this fast and there were obviously other stories to tell in the universe.
Well thats quick. Although it just makes me more excited. I got some blanket-signal vibes from the title of episode 12 but I didn't think the series would actually manage to merge both timelines. We'll see anyway.
Hey - they managed to do it in the Sarah Connor Chronicles (granted there was outright time travel involved, but still...)
I'm assuming they just mean catching up to the flashbacks right? Not to actual Felicia Day times?
I was thinking around when Laurence Dominic and then twelve around that time aswell, with 13 being Epitaph Two and maybe wrapping up some future storylines.
Sooo how can I audition???
On the topic of where it takes place,
Gossi, your restraint is impressive. And your enthusiasm, contagious. We're in for one hell of a race to the finish, ain't we?
What nuccbko said. He/she's just more eloquent.

And yeah, forgot about , sorry.
I skipped over most of this (no spoilers!) *covers eyes* to ask if someone was going to post a return to TV December Dollhouse event. I am excited about what I have yet to see, but didn't get enough milling around the net to warrant posting my first, well, y'know, page link post. But it's only 3 days away now! Official speculation link or something?? :) Pretty please?
I don't think we do speculation links. Thread should go up for 5 and 6 on Friday afternoon.
Watch With Kristin has some additional information on Romeo. Spoilers for other shows.

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