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November 30 2009

TNT cancels Raising the Bar, which co-stars J August Richards. The series is not returning due to low ratings. However love the last line "Are you guys bummed about the end of Raising the Bar or just counting the minutes until Christian Kane comes back with more Leverage?"

Raising the Bar also stared Teddy Sears who played the active Mike in Dollhouse.
Oddly enough, that cancellation seemed very happy. Spun in a positive light or something, but it doesn't get me down at all. Then again, I've never watched the show but I almost have on several occasions due to Zach Morris. Leverage seems more appealing to me, but neither have begun to air in the UK which sucks.
Well, rats. I liked "Raising the Bar."
i dunno, i'm bummed that richards had his show cancelled, but it was pretty weak. he and mark paul gossler(sp?) were the only two actors who really shined. the judge (the mom from malcolm in the middle, i forget her name) was damn near unwatchable, and she's a pretty damn good actress.
Not a shock. This time I'd like to see put in a bigger role. I'm also sick of him be given the role of 'token black' guy.
I'm also sick of him be given the role of 'token black' guy.

Amen. He can do so much more than what he's given.
I'd like to see J work with Joss again. The Whedon clan should write him a part in Dr. Horrible 2.

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I feel bad for JAR but the guy has chops, if there's any justice he won't be out of work long. As to 'Raising the Bar', I don't really like legal dramas but watched the first episode (almost entirely cos JAR was in it) and found it a bit underwhelming - not terrible just a bit 'meh', not enough new to really grab me.
Too bad for JAR, but I'm not at all surprised. This was a very weak show. I could only muster two viewings. I expect that JAR will land on his feet after this, but I, too, would like to see him with a more significant role in a stronger series.
I'd like to seem him play someone that isn't a lawyer (though he does look good in the suits.)
Yep I am counting the minutes waiting for Lindsey.LOL I love Christian/Eliot in Leverage.
I think JAR will be ok. I don't think he will end up being a baby-sitter on the HIMYM set (like what's-his-name):)

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