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December 01 2009

Jewel Staite to appear at Wizard World Anaheim, CA in April. She will be there with other Whedon alums Eliza Dushku, Juliet Landau, Doug Jones, and Camden Toy, April 16 - 18, 2010.

Thanks Intrepid Reporter for the update.
ETA: Corrected spelling of Anaheim.

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Jewel and Eliza in the same place. Sounds exciting.
On an Off Topic question, did anyone know if there is avaliable videos of the "Flashback Weekend 2009 TV Spot"? Because they had Mercedes McNab and a Ginger Snaps reunion, that I would love to see.
I'm insanely jealous of anyone who is able to attend this. Not only are Jewel & Eliza there, but a pantheon of Whedonverse folks: Juliet Landau, Doug Jones, Camden Toy... I'm ten shades of green right now (and none of them work for my complexion).
They must have just added Juliet and Doug today. I will added it to the Headline.

Brasilian Chaos Man - you can try their site and shoot them an email.
Wow. This may mean I'm going to two cons in April...the other being WonderCon
Thanks, RavenU, but I'm redirected to the site, who seams to be a corporative a thing. Are you sure that's the same group?
Brasilian Chaos Man - My bad it's
Aw, Whedon alums in my city! That is insanely cool, I've never been to a convention or con before. Will try to go to this one. BTW "Anahiem” is spelled like this: Anaheim.

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