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December 01 2009

(SPOILER) If Supernatural reveals God, who should play him? Or her? Some of our heroes (Gina Torres, Summer Glau, and some guy named Whedon) as choices to play God in a possible upcoming Supernatural episode.

Spoilers to Supernatural appear in this link.

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Choosing Joss would be epic, but I'd also be a fan of Katee Sackoff.
Adam Baldwin? Gina Torres? Morena Baccarin?
They actually mention Summer and Gina in the article, along with Joss. So that's pretty cool. A very Whedonesque article.
I should have mentioned Summer and Gina, but this is my first Whedonesque story posting. I was kind of nervous....

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Morgan Freeman, natch.
Alanis, of course.
Saje, completely. If we can't get the man himself, I'd rather some women play God. Katee Sachoff is a good choice. Tricia Helfer would also be amazing. Supernatural has never been nice to the ladies so I definitely think people would be shocked if God corporal was a women.

Or, you know, James Masters. I hear he's pretty Godly.
Mark Sheppard had recently played a role much alike the way Spike acted in "Becoming". So, since Supernatural restarted to use Whedonverse alumni, maybe we could see more of them. However, my childhood had George Burns as the only God.
Jeffrey Tambor, because without him "there is no God."
As far as I'm concerned, if there is a god, it is George Burns. Since he's unavailable, it would need to be someone with a similar stature. Sadly, I can't see anyone from the Whedonverse having quite the same resonance.

Morgan Freeman I could see. Or maybe Harry Anderson (of Night Court fame) or Billy Connolly. The only way I could see someone under 50 pulling it off is if they cast it ironically... like David Hewlett or Jeff Lewis.

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Billy Connolly? Oh yes please :D, I think I'd die laughing. Someone in the comments suggested Ian McShane which would be interesting too.

That said it would make sense for it to be Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
Oh, Ian McKellen, should be another good option, since he had just done the remake of "The Prisoner" (Am I the only person who didn't understand it?).
Much of this assumes God needs a vessel (good assumption though) and some of this assumes he doesn't (Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character is not available as a vessel). Someone in the comments mentioned Supernatural would likely go as straight biblical as possible, so God must be male. But if he was to take a vessel, that's not necessarily true.

If he's not to take a vessel, but takes form for interaction's sake (and filming's sake) JDM is the obvious choice. I'm on the fence though, cause that means God chose the form, as opposed to some grand destiny as if John Winchester was to be God's vessel.

Also, does God need permission to take a Vessel, like Angels?"
"Hey John Winchester, can I come in?"

John Cleese would be brilliant.
I think the fine Mr.Whedon would be a GREAT choice!!!

But then again, I think he's god anyway.
Jayme, Tricia Helfer would indeed be brilliant, but she's already been in Supernatural. Woman who didn't know she was a ghost :)

I'm all for God choosing to take the form of JDM. To be honest it's the only form God could take in Supernatural that would satisfy the viewers.

Edit: just saw a comment on that link:

'If the whole Lucifer/Michael is an allegory for Sam/Dean, then God being the father figure would have to be portrayed Jeffery Dean Morgan wouldn't it?'

Exactly what I think.
But the suggestion of Downey Jr had me squee-ing.

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Why does God have to have just two legs? I say, have Bad Horse be God. Good Horse!
I'm with bobw1o and manreaction; JDM's the best choice for the show's sake. But I wouldn't be adverse to Joss or Bad Horse, which would be totally epic. ;)
Lena Olin. Except she'd probably make a decent Lucifer. Hmm.
Sheryl Lee or Sherilyn Fenn.
Oh wait, my suggestion only made sense if Supernatural were Reaper. Nevermind!
I second John Cleese.
Dawn French.

*waits as most of the American readers fail to understand this reference*

If you want someone different to previous portrayals, she'd be perfect (and it seems like a well-earned promotion).

How about Scott Bakula? Or Dean Stockwell? Man, I miss Quantum Leap.
Stephen Fry.

That, or Anthony Stewart Head.
I could go with Anthony playing God but l'd think Jude Law would make a pretty good michael.
The Cheese Man.
Ian McShane. No doubt.
I also vote for Stephen Fry. That would be hilarious.
As a huge Supernatural fan I really hope they don't show the man behind the curtain. Still if this has to happen I would wish that it would be Anthony Stewart Head, the man has got great presence!
Too bad Groucho MArx is dead, since he's played the part before. Ditto Basil rathbone.

Ha! That would be genius.
manreaction, my Super lack of knowledge is showing isn't it? I've never bothered to watch every episode. Just ones here and there.
I'm still partial to the idea of Dogma and intentionally playing against type-- plus I've been vaguely aware of people not exactly being happy with the roles women have been getting on the show, as good everything else may be. I personally think it'd be great if they could sneak Morena Baccarin away from V so she could play someone who comes across as all-knowing but with a little less sketchiness underlying.

Then again I guess given how closely they've adhered to the thematic expectations of the bible then they may as well go ahead and cast Gina Torres since a lot of the characters seem to expect certain qualities and they may as well be wrong.
Given how much they've admitted to owing him, Chris Carter.
Felicia Day? ;)

JDM is the obvious choice if God becomes corporeal given the "family" comment mentioned previously.

Otherwise, James Earl Jones' voice would be fun:

"Luke ... er ... Dean/Sam, I am your father!"
I thought Whedon WAS God. Are they saying he's not? That's blasphemy. ;-)
Joss would be great, but someone mentioned James Marsters and I am all for James playing anything just to get him on TV
I like Robert Downey Jr. Also Alyson Hannigan if we want to be whedonesque about it.
This one is out there but how about
David Tenant? I always felt that the character of god should be laid back only serious when he has to be.
But of course Joss is always choice 1.
Sadly, I can't see anyone from the Whedonverse having quite the same resonance.

Morgan Freeman I could see.

Morgan Freeman is totally part of the Whedonverse! (OK, maybe just the Whedonesque-verse.)
Gosh, just good choices from everyone! May I add John deLancie or Kathy Bates to the list? David Fury would be excellent as well.
I'd love to see someone HUGE in the role, like James Earl Jones or Clint Eastwood, but I suppose I should rein in my crazyness %)
I'd also love to see Tim Curry, but mainly for the rickrollishness of his entrance. Perhaps one of his recent co-stars, Jeremy Irons/Vetinari?

Goddess? Pam Grier, without a doubt. She's like Gina's world-weary older sister, and would definitely be able to play the "I'm so TIRED off all this" card.
Why not go the Jane Espenson way: Danny Strong!
John Cleese or Billy Connolly.

or maybe Judi Dench. Hmmm...
There's only one right answer here.... Alanis Morissette.
You know, it's surprising that no one has mentioned NPH yet. So one vote for Neil from me.
After reading the many cool suggestions I think that having God appear as Sam and Dean's mother would work the best for the show. Some suggested their father but Jeffery Dean Morgan's character seemed more Christ-like to me. He sacraficed his life to fight evil and he didn't break when tortured in Hell. I may be way off base though :)
This reminds me of Dogma wherein God was played by Alanis Morissette, but only because Emma Thompson was pregnant at the time.
And if Emma Thompson wasn't pregnant it was going to be Frances McDormand (might seem a strange criterion to cast a film by but at the time, no-one had a coin on them).

(presumably it was because she couldn't travel or similar ? Cos Emma Thompson would rock as God and added to that, a pregnant God would've fit right in with the film from the perspective of both irreverence and rocking the theological boat)
the rickrollishness of his entrance
Now picturing some poor soul showing up at heaven's gates & getting rickrolled. Sure sign you're in hell.
I vote for John Hurt, he's definitely got the chops/voice/presence for it.
James Earl Jones definitely has the voice for it, then again, Stephen Fry has that air of all-knowingness. Dawn French - great! Joss - awesome!

So I can't decide, really.

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Gotta go with Bruce Campbell, Rutger Hauer, Sissy Spacek, Chloris Leachman, Madeline Kahn or Pam Grier.

Though as a big Supernatural fan, I'd prefer God not actually show up in human skin... maybe as a dog, like how he appears on Saving Grace.

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