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December 01 2009

(SPOILER) Press release for Dollhouse 2x09 and 2x10. Interesting stuff about some of our Dolls.

Notice the return of Nolan, as well as Ivy (is she in the four before this?). I'm honestly excited to find out what Victor's name was.
Ivy was in Vows and Belle Chose. Don't know about the other episodes though.

Sounds exciting. Reed Diamond is also going to be back! YAY!
Also excited that Reed Diamond is back!
Press release for 2x07/2x08 here . Looks like we are going to have some guest stars from season one back!
Philip Casnoff as Clive Ambrose! (VP of Rossum, Echoes)
Maurissa Tancharoen as Kilo! (I fear her depth of talent)
Alan Tudyk as Alpha! (Oh shit)
Patton Oswalt as Joel Mynor! (Man on the Street)
Reed Diamond as Laurence Dominic! (Don't shoot the vodka!)
Vincent Ventresca as Nolan Kinnard! (Leave Sierra alone, kthxbai?)
Adam Godley as Clyde Randolph! (Big player in what's to come)
Excellent. I miss Dominic. Which is interesting, since I once would have been happy to see him killed off.
Adam Godley as Clyde Randolph! (Big player in what's to come)

Is this the Dollhouse Shanshu prophecy?
This whole series burnout is going to be utterly incredible. I am happy.
Victorvictorvictor <3
And also He's heartbreakingly adorable. Damn him.
He comes back, right? Can't have him released into the wilderness without Sierra!
Well, he appears in Epitaph One so I'm guessing he doesn't exactly disappear.
*gasp* Can hardly... contain... self... 3 days, 3 days, 3 days...
Gossi, don't forget Brett Claywell as Matt, the Echo obsessed guy, who loves motorcycles and bondage sex.

Anyway, I have to say, that the list of guest stars for these final episodes is impressive. I wonder what other surprises (if any) are there in store for us in episodes 2x11-2x13 (besides already announced Amy and Felicia).
That is quite the list. I'm cheering like crazy for the return of Dominic. Like Sunfire I felt pretty lukewarm about him for quite a while (hmm, maybe wanting him killed off is not exactly lukewarm?) but was totally won over by the time they shipped him to the attic.
Do we know what episodes Amy is meant to come back for? I know Joss originally said three episodes (including 'Vows'), and I'm hoping the cancellation hasn't impacted that at all.
It never occurred to me that Victor could have been around for five years. (Or that maybe there'd be a sliding scale for contract lengths...)

I am rather curious to see if they ended up having the foresight to compress events a little bit more and have a lot of what was revealed to happen over the next ten years end up happening rather immediately? I know they kept themselves with the out in case things end up conflicting that memories can be fallible but I hoped we'd get at least some instance of seeing how those events really did play out.
I've always loved Dominic, but admittedly there may be some transference from Kellerman- he was always my fav on Homicide.

MattManic- I heard Fran confirmed via twitter that Amy was in the last two episodes of the series, but I don't know whether or not that's a rumor.

orange- That's an interesting question. I can't decide if I'd rather have the series end closer to 2019 and have shown a more compressed, linear version of those years, or maybe just utilize flashforwards/backs. I'm leaning toward jumping around with flashforwards/backs because those scenes tend to feel a little more real and intimate, plus they keep a nice pace. And Tim did confirm that 2.11 deals with flashforwards/backs, but who knows what that means for the final two eps?

The anticipation is killing me! You know, figuratively.
Bypassing spoilers...this doesn't deserve its own topic, but I thought it worth mentioning that in their most recent mailing list newsletter, The FOX Insider (Volume XII in this case), Fox actually mentions/advertises Dollhouse.

FRI DEC 4 at 8/7c
DOLLHOUSE returns this December with back-to-back episodes on Fridays starting at 8/7c. Special guest stars include Summer Glau, Ray Wise, Keith Carradine, Amy Acker and Alan Tudyk as the action adventure races towards its series finale on Friday, January 22 at 9/8c

Nice !
Since news of Amy's return has already leaked here; she's back filming. Has been for weeks. Summer, too.
Since news of Amy's return has already leaked here; she's back filming. Has been for weeks.

Has been for weeks? Might she be in more episodes than just three after all?
Yay for more Dominic! Loved that bastard from the very beginning.

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