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December 01 2009

Jane Espenson Talks Buffy Season 8 And #30 Ending. Compares the ending of "I Was Made To Love You" to the ending of "Retreat."

Did we know the Willow one shot had the subtitle of "Goddesses and Monsters" before?
Jane is made of nifty.
trunkstheslayer, yes. But still nifty. :)
It was always fun to hear about who "ghost" wrote scenes from the TV series. Would be interesting to know the ones beyond the obvious/already revealed instances. And cool how it carried over into the comics.
I wonder if she's working out of giving answers here, or if she really doesn't know much about what's coming up...
Yeah, we've known the title was "Goddesses and Monsters" since Scott updated the Buffy Zone three weeks ago on November 12.

That's really awesome to hear that Joss wrote that final scene which I love.

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Actually it makes me a little sad to know Joss wrote the ending. Somehow I can accept the sheer goofiness of Mecha-Dawn, but the rise of Superbuffy fills me with nothing but eye rolling dread....

I'll reserve judgement until the season is done, after all I've fallen for the old "this-is-so-lame-OMG-THIS-IS-THE-GREATEST-THING-EVER" Whedon switcheroo before, but I see no good coming from this suddenly becoming a superhero title....
It's always been a superhero title, and we've already had a flying superhero in it. My money's on Buffy has Willow's powers, which will make it back to Willow. For the record, the total sum of that money is $0. |-)~
I am simply not sure why everyone thinks this is such a big deal.
Yeah, seems like the creative team was expecting ZOMG WTF?!, and the fans just went "huh."
Yeah, not so much with the OMG. I don't actually see what's supposed to be so surprising about it. Sure it's different, but it's not "HOLY GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING???!?!?"
Kind of a funny observation: Jane mentions writing Oz's minimalistic response to the sub's appearance. The fandom reaction to Buffy flying was kind of the exact same thing.
Go figure.
Buffy flying stunned the fandom? Really? My major response was, "Oh. Hmm."
Yeah, I don't even think the fandom's (lack) of a reaction is due to the comic medium. If they'd done an episode of the show that ended with Buffy flying, it would have been cool, but I don't think it would have blown any minds the way that Jane/Scott/Georges were expecting.
I think people may be misunderstanding why they thought this would get such a big reaction. Scott stated on Slayalive;

"I thought you guys would hate the flying. I thought you'd say, "Well, great, it's a comic now, so suddenly she has to be flying? That's crap, Scott Allie, I'm gonna kill you for wrecking Buffy." It seems like any departure from the show is met with some venom, and this seemed to me the biggest departure so far."

I find that fairly understandable as elsewhere any departure from the show HAS been met with venom. I don’t think they thought the revelation itself was incredibly mind-blowing (though I loved the foreshadowing) but that there’d be an extreme negative backlash to the whole thing. I must say I was also surprised there wasn't one either.

Overall I think Scott was probably relieved with the fan response. It's him who has to deal with the brunt of any criticism regarding the direction of the season, not Joss. Which is actually weird since Joss is the one who writes it lol.
Am I the last one to read the issue, or should that say spoiler? Anyway...Speaking of spoiled, I saw the cover for #31 before I read #30, but still didn't really see it coming. I am not sure what to think; I believe like another post above that it will be explained to my satisfaction (it IS Joss) but still weird. And also, so far she's just floating, so hey. And yes vampmogs, you could almost HEAR the relief in Scott Allie's Q and A post!
I didn't put a spoiler warning because issue 30 came out a month ago.
Yeah, a world of "meh"... now, if she'd been a flying lesbian (or nun) there woulda been some outrage ;). I kid, I kid!

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