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December 02 2009

(SPOILER) Joss gives working title of Dollhouse finale. Tweeting about an interview with Joss, the Chicago Tribune's Maureen Ryan reports that the working title is...

Is this a somewhat tongue in cheek tweet, or the actual title?
The Return to what? Safe Haven? The Dollhouse? The Source? Bouncy The Rat?
It says 'working title' so I assume it's not finalized.

'The Return' could refer to many things inside the Dollhouse world so I don't think its tongue in cheek. But I've been wrong before... many times. Actually, most the time, so I'm going to stop writing now.
Revenge of the Dolls!
The Return of The Living Dead.
Epitaph, Too: The Return of Sue Sylvester.
I'd Hulu the shit out of that, b!X.
Hope that's a joke, cuz otherwise? Kinda lame.
Epitaph Two: The Epitaphening.
Boyd returns for Claire and finds there is no one but Whiskey?

Topher returns to answer the phone?

Claire returns with a new-found appreciation of sweater vests?

Seriously, I think simply "Epitaph Two" will do fine. Or maybe "Epitaph Zero" if that fits the timeline better. Or maybe "Echo Location" to drive us all batty. Or...
Epitaph: Part Deux.
I trust Maureen Ryan's interpretation of Joss's tone. I expect it's the real (working) title. It's possible she also meant the tweet tongue in cheek but I'm thinking no.

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Gosh, 'The Return' is probably the most clichee subtitle in the history of mankind. It tells nothing about the episode and doesn't sound cool or something. However, I would love an "Epitaph Two".
Hey, FYI, your spoiler cut doesn't work on the RSS feed (which is how I read Whedonesque).

So I just read this spoiler without meaning to or wanting to, and as I try to avoid all spoilers I'm quite annoyed about it! I'd far prefer to be surprised by Felicia's appearance, and to have no idea of the form the finale will take...
Sorry. I just assumed, for some reason, that the RSS feed respected the cut.
>>Epitaph Two: The Epitaphening

That might be the best title ever!
mermaidnz I can help you forget about that...would you like a treatment?
I like some funnies in my episode titles, so I hope this get finalized. It's very Joss. Not very Dollhouse, but VERY Joss.
Damn. My entry in the pool was "Revenge of the Active."
"The Return" is clearly a reference to post-apocalyptic tax returns. "Going to the attic" is slang for being sent up there to dig through old tax records. What could be scarier?
Oh snap! I'm all for Epitaph Dos: Dia de los Apocalypse, or Epitaph 1.5: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Hell, Epithet Two would suffice, since no one on IMDb seems to know the difference.
Well, it's better than Epitaph 1: II.

Good news no matter what the title. I approve of returning to the epitaph. Sounds timey-wimey.
Damn, you mean its not Epitaph Two: Electric Boogaloo?
Maybe it's "Epitaph to the Return" despite that making no sense whatsoever. (You can sing it to "Highway to the Danger Zone", however.)

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2009-12-02 21:36 ]
Maybe we can just go with King Crimson:

Confusion will be my epitaph
As I crawl a cracked and broken path.
If we make it, we can all sit back and laugh,
But I fear tomorrow, we'll be crying...

>>>Good news no matter what the title. I approve of returning to the epitaph.

Totally agree. They can call it Epitaph Up 2 the Streetz for all I care, at least we get to see some more of 2019.
Hopefully "The Return" bit is a joke and the "Epitaph Two" bit isn't.
It's "return" as in "Return to the Future". Like "Back to the Future". You can't actually go "back" to someplace forwards, so it's kinda confusing, no?
I think if anyone can pull of a clichéd title to work perfectly and with a lot of Wow, Bonanza and Didn't-See-That-Coming, it's Joss and this writing team. And, to be honest, Whedonverse episode titles were often quite clichéd and still the episodes didn't suffer for it.
I don't think its cliched as such, more schlock. And in my personal opinion, reserving the right to withdraw after seeing the rest of the season, that just doesn't seem like Dollhouse's style.

That doesn't however mean that I don't like it.
Epitaph Two: Epitaph Harder
I'd be happier if it was Epitaph Five: Endgame.
Epitaph 2.0: Live Free or Attic
This thread is a title gold mine.

"Epitaph Deux"
Maybe he's calling it "Epitaph 2: The Return" to slyly encourage Fox to air "Epitaph 1" before it (I know, not gonna happen). That would've been a cooler way to schedule it, continue the Dollhouse double-header Fridays--Eps 11 and 12 of Season 2 the first week back in January, then "Epitaph 1" and "Epitaph 2" the following week.

But we're lucky enough as it is that Fox is continuing to give airspace to the series, can't expect them to throw in an extra hour (and whatever licensing costs come attatched with using "Epitaph 1"?).
I would bet "The Return" would reference a return to the Dollhouse by our leads, more than a return to the future by the viewers. But I dunno.
I was picturing something more like "Ultimate Epitaph" or "Epitaph Ultimatum". But it's cool.
Epitaph 2: The Return of Joss to the Internet (where he shall conquer the world and force mean Fox Executives to watch all his heart wrenching death scenes until they end up in the fetal position sobbing for their Mommy)

Or, you know, possibly something slightly more relevant to the actual show.
Epitaph Two- Return to Serenity. (Hey, we can dream- I was thinking about the trek back to Safe Haven, and that last word set me off into the farthest reaches of the Jossverse. And Youtube.)

I'm just happy beyond words for a return to the Epitaph One future (assuming that is indeed what this episode will be.)

How about "Epitaph Two: Only on DVD"? ;-)
How about Epitaph II:3D?
So is Hollow Man going to be our actual finale like Omega was last year? I'm so excited though... this is going to be an epic finish.
zz9, don't jinx it! I want to see the episode this year! (Well, in 2010 technically, when it should air).
Hey MirandaGhost, you don't need to sign your comments here. It's automagically done for you.

I do hope they come up with a better title in the end. It captures the gist of the thing but it's very meh.
Sunfire, tell Joss that. :P

- Jamie... oh shi-
The title is actually "Epitaph Two: Return". Or just "Return" if you prefer. Not sure where the 'the' comes from. This post? Not easy to parse.
The movie will be Epitaph Three, right? ;-)
Epitaph One Begins
The Dark Epitaph
Epitaph One: The Curse of the Tech
Epitaph One: Butcher's Imrinting Chair
Epitaph One: At Safe Haven
Epitaph One: Revenge of Dumb Shows
Epitaph One with a Vengeance
Epitaph Zero: Evolution
The Assasination of Actuals by the Coward Topher Brink
Epitaph Royale
Quantum of Epitaphs
Golden Epitaph
Actuals Nevers Die
Safe Haven is Not Enough

Ok, I need to stop...
Topher Brink and the Everlasting tech.
Topher Brink and the House of Secrets.
Topher Brink and the Doll of Attic-ban.
Topher Brink and the Shelf of Minds.
Topher Brink and the Order from Adelle
Topher Brink and the Half-Real Doctor.
and finally
Topher Brink and the Epitaph.

I tell you something, I want to read these books. If Joss (or Jed/Mo) wrote them and came up with better names, that is.
Confusion will be your Epitaph...
I actually really like "Epitaph Two: Return" as a title. It may be a bit cliche but I think it sets a dark/ominous tone and the finale needed epitaph in the title! Can't wait to see it! Just makes me a bit sad that they may have ended each season with a epitaph and we won't get to see them now.
For some reason "Return," is much more resonant than "The Return." Perhaps because it reminds me of such classic fraught with meaning one word titles as Becoming, Passion, Chosen, Grave, Restless, Hush, Belonging, Sanctuary, Serenity, etc.

Of course there's also The Gift and The Body and a few other great "The" titles, but whatever.
Ah, Epitaph Two: Return is a fine title and should make more sense when we see it.

Also, Felicia+Jed+Maurissa+Chambliss = aces.
Epitaph: Resurrection
Epitaph: The Final Chapter
Epitaph: 2.0
Shadow of the Epitaph
Epitaph: Escape From the Dollhouse
Golddiggers of Epitaph
Epitaph: The Last Stand
Bride of Epitaph
Epitaph: The Revenge
Epitaph: Fully Loaded
Epitaph Rides Again
The Final Epitah :)
Epitah 8: Global Meltdown
Return of the Epitah
Epitah Revolutions
Epitah One, Vol. 2
"Epitaph Two:Return" makes me think of Joss typing out the title then hitting the Return key. So really it's just "Epitaph Two".
I think this is an "Epitah" but maybe it's this.

I know it's fierce and has teeth, anyway.

Which means we can expect a FOX press release soon with the title listed as "Epitaph Two: Carriage Return".
No, no, no, FOX would list it as "Epitaph Two:Enter". There are no carriage returns on a computer!
You're giving FOX too much credit. If it's not written on the top of a key, it's not there.
Or "Epitaph Two: Line Feed" cos I think Fox are into the *nixs, 1970 feels more their speed.

Epitaph 2: Attack of the Clones
Epitaph 2: Beyond the Valley of the Dollhouse
Epitaph 2: Die Epitaph Die
Epitaph 2: Epitaph vs The Wolfman
Epitaph 2: The Return Down the Ladder (The Roof Was Kind of a Dead End, Boy do we Feel Silly)
Epitaph 1++

Sounds timey-wimey.

Not to mention wibbly wobbly.
I love it when things make a beautiful circle like that, no matter how pear-shaped and, well, wibbly wobbly it goes in the process.
And the Australian title

The Future Project: Slightly More Futureish
Epitaph Two: The future is worth fighting for

(As a homage to the tagline for Serenity)
Epitaph 2: They Already Misbehaved

The Future Project: Slightly More Futureish

Heh ;). The Future Project 2: The Futurer Project.

I love it when things make a beautiful circle like that, no matter how pear-shaped and, well, wibbly wobbly it goes in the process.

Yikes. Well, I understood the T-shirt at least ;) (though the other one was also pretty interesting).
Ok, some more title suggestions inspired by Joss' other work:

Epitaph Two: The Epitaph in the Woods
Topher the Actuals Slayer
Topher the Epitaphs Destroyer
Epitaph Two: Once More with Tech
Dr. Brink's Wipe-Along Blog
City of... Epitaphs
Fool for Tech
Lies My Programmer Told Me
Shiny Happy Dumb Shows

Or why not use titles of other whedonverse episodes that could (without change) fit to Dollhouse? For example:

Apocalypse, Nowish
Tabula Rasa
The Dark Age
War Zone (pun definitely intended)
A New World
The Price
End of Days
Why We Fight
Who Are You?
Out of My Mind
War Stories
The House Always Wins
The Message
I Will Remember You
Real Me
I Was Made to Love You

Yeah, I know I'm hugely off-topic here and I will stop now.
I Am Become Dollhouse, Destroyer of Worlds
The Treasure of Sierra in Nevada
See You In November
The Dollhouse Always Wins
Hell Bent for Whiskey
Last Tango in Paris
Brink of Disaster
"Brink of Disaster"?? Oh hells yes, MissKittysMom. I'd pay cash money to watch an episode with that title.
Second that.

I Am Become Dollhouse, Destroyer of Worlds

"Now we Are All Sons of Imprints" ;).
I know that this is a common sense idea that Fox will never go for, but if they airing Epitaph Two, shouldn't Fox air Epitaph One as well on Jan. 22. So fans know what's going on. Or since by then, all will be watching will be diehards who have already seen E1, it wouldn't make sense to air it.
MissKittysMom, "Brink of Disaster" is sheeer geeen-yus.

I don't think I can go on if I don't get to see that in some form or another. (I'm going to imagine it as an episode they thought of but just didn't get to do.)

And yeah, crazygolfa, it would be so commonsensical to air Epitaph One along with Epitaph Two: Electric Bugaloo that I imagine that's a reason to assume it won't happen.

Yikes. Well, I understood the T-shirt at least ;) (though the other one was also pretty interesting).

I thought it was pretty interesting, too - that is, the parts of it I could follow. What I really liked is that it was on a blog called "Can't Stop the Signal" - thus connecting my dots most beautifully.

Wibbly wobbly is my phrase du jour today...

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