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December 02 2009

(SPOILER) Eliza Dushku teases final episodes of 'Dollhouse'. Along with the interview, there's some stunning clips from this Friday's episodes. Btw if you want to see the the clips in full, then click here (and scroll down).

That third video... what the hell?
What the hell, really.
Agent Cooper makes an appearance it seems. ;)
Just when I was acceptiing that Dollhouse is over, I look at these clips abd think WHHHY?? lol It's going to be a fun and wild ride!!!
Wow, Summer's character is sadistic.
And masochistic, apparently!
So... kinda interested to know if all the Dollhouses use the same NATO phonetic alphabet nomenclature as the LA branch. Coz if they do... there would be a whole bunch of Echos, Victors, Sierras, Novembers, etc running around on a daily basis.
The imprinting set-up looks similar, if not identical to the one of the LA branch too. Since Topher was the one who innovated the system, I'm wondering if that's part of the inter-house rivalry too... whose boy (or girl) genius is more of a well, genius.

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Looks like the people who found that moment with the Senator's wife bizarre weren't wrong.

I didn't watch the other clips. I decided I had learned too much just from the first. Exciting though! This show is so good.
Definately what the hell. The headbutt?
I am not really seeing how this is a different kind of role for Summer...being the glassy-eyed crazy girl and all. But her character does look interesting nonetheless, and I am super, super, super, super excited about these episodes. Also, I am totally shipping Echo/Perrin :)

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It's gonna be a wild yet bittersweet ride right to the end. If they have to go out, it looks like they are going out in style.
Yay Alexis getting something to do!
Here's hoping in the context of the whole show that the scenes don't look as goofy and badly acted as the clips (particularly 2 & 3) suggest.
That third video... what the hell?

Myself, I think it's intuitively obvious what's going on:

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