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December 02 2009

Who is the greatest tv sleuth of all time? Angel is one of the options in the Paley Center's TV Sleuth Smackdown. Voting closes Dec 21.

Great to see that Veronica Mars is carrying the looney fringe vote this time : )
She got mine! :) Sorry, Angel.
See now, that's a tough one. I kind of want to marry Dale Cooper. And work for House. And kick ass alongside Angel. Dilemma...
sorry,Angel, and Mulder and Scully, I voted for Veronica.
Sorry, gotta go with Mulder and Scully.
Had to go with Veronica Mars, but it was a toughie with Angel and the X-Files both on the list.
Cooper! Vote early, vote often!
Alas, Veronica has my vote. And almost everyone else's, too, it would seem.
Kill a demon? Stop the apocalypse? Angel's your man.

Solve a crime? Photograph your spouse's affairs? Angel Investigations had nothing on Veronica Mars, and she operated out of a high school bathroom.

Gotta give it to Kristen Bell. Besides the fact that I ADORE HER, V Mars is my main P.I.
Several of my favorites are on the list, but I had to vote for Columbo.
Maybe someday Castle and Beckett will be on such a list.
Veronica having a 56% share of the vote warms my heart so much.
I had to go with Veronica Mars. When I read the topic title I instantly thought of Veronica.
What, no Shawn Spencer? Ah, but somehow I suspect Shawn would have no problems with my vote going to Veronica.
As CarpeNoctem says: as detectives go, not so much.
Writing in Batman. This is an outrage.
They joked in Angel the series about how he's not much of a detective... I don't think that was really what the show was about, heh.

McNulty from The Wire's my choice.
The Rockford files?
Ha! The answer is always Batman, but in lieu of the Greatest Detective, I voted for my girl, Veronica.
Veronica is the man! The very short, annoying man.

Wait a second...
Sorry, Angel, I voted for Veronica.
Was thinking Batman too (and he's got one live-action series--cheesy as it was--and more than a few animated series under his belt to qualify him for TV).

Surprised to see how many shows I used to watch with detective characters in them.
Gotta go with Veronica on this one
If it's favourites then (from their list) it's a very tough choice between Columbo (some of which I saw on the first run through and several times since yet will still watch again if I catch it while randomly flicking - he's my favourite "everyman" detective. Not a who-dunnit or even a how-dunnit, more a watch-solvit ;), Veronica and House. So hard in fact that I don't think I can choose.

But they say at the top of the article:
The important question, here at the end of the aughts (or the naughts), is: who among all TV crime-fighters is the true heir to Holmes's deerstalker cap?

and that is House, pure and simple. Tortured genius, check. Incredibly widely read/knowledgeable within his speciality, check. Believes in the scientific world-view above all else, check. Drug addiction, check (). Only one really significant relationship in his life (Wilson), check. Few interests outside of solving cases and music (violin for Holmes, piano/guitar for House), check. Lives/d in apartment 221 frikkin' B ? Check.

Looking forward to seeing what they do with the film (not so much because of Guy Ritchie, more because of Downey Jr).
Glad to see Columbo representing the old skool. Loved how they always thought they had got away with it until he said "oh there was just one thing..."

And does anyone remember Mrs Columbo played by a young Cpt Janeway?

Also have to give some kudos to Brenda from PMS in The Closer. And what they say about her manners in the blog isn't quite right. She's from Atlanta, Georgia where the phrase "Thank you. Thank you, very much" can also mean "F*ck You. F*ck you, very much."

But, where oh where, were Charlie's Angels on that list?
I had to go with Mulder and Scully, although Dale Cooper's a close second. Angel was a lot of things, but a great detective? - not so much.

Not sure how I feel about the new Sherlock Holmes movie. Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law = inspired casting, I just hope that Guy Ritchie doesn't take it to far over the top.
I can think of a lot of directors in whose hands I'd rather see this one - like David Fincher.
Angel is great, but really not a detective.

It was a close call between Cooper and Mulder and Scully. In the end I had to go for the latter, mainly because I have only seen the first season of Twin Peaks and I was dangerously close to seeing spoilers when I was hanging around Cooper's description. Why can't they release season 2 in the UK? The only current way to get hold of a region 2 copy is by buying an over priced copy through Ebay.
House, check. Thanks Saje for your synopsis. Though if House was not on the list I'd be voting for Brenda Leigh.

I adored the Jeremy Brett version of Holmes and am really looking forward to the Downey Jr. version.
Had to go with Veronica. I have 4 series that I watch over and over and Angel always comes after VM. In order of my favorite shows ever on TV, Buffy, Veronica Mars, Angel & Roswell.
Veronica Mars, all the way!

I'm in the process of rewatching the show and bringing back memories! Just finished season one again... and the mystery is still so good!
Had to go with Veronica as well.
Thanks, Saje, for the Holmes/House summary. Hear, hear! I echo Shey's concerns about Guy Ritchie, too, but over all I'm really looking forward to the new Holmes movie. I'm a huge fan of Jeremy Brett and also the Laurie R. King books (I named my cat Russell!) and I think this might turn out to be a worthy addition to the... shall we say expanded cannon? :)
Dale Cooper got my vote. Twin Peaks is my second favorite show behind Buffy. (If your at all interested, my third is The Prisoner.)
Sorry Angel, gotta go with Veronica Mars.
Great list, hard to choose. (I'm terrible at these surveys--too fond of too many things.) But it warms my heart just to think of Colombo. Used to watch him with my dad & laugh so much. He really sold the quirkiness in a way that others (e.g., Monk) just don't for me.
It normally goes against my better judgment to vote for anyone not from the Whedonverse, but this time I have to go with Veronica Mars.
I've gotta go with early Monk, before he was exclusively a comedy piece. I loved the portrayal of a tortured genius with vices who actually is forced to deal or work around them most of the time. House is probably the closest to an actual character copy of Holmes in terms of tone and character make-up.

Still, if we're talking greatest TV detective, I'm not voting for a slightly changed copy written for television. I think the last 5 years of Monk have pretty much erased how good the early show was, but I'd still put the original Monk as one the most innovative procedurals to come out and I love the elegant simplicity of Monk's problems and the heart in displaying them in the early show.
A tough choice, but I voted from Veronica. She was a detective and a half, and is sorely missed! I'm still hoping for a VM movie.
I've gotta go with early Monk, before he was exclusively a comedy piece.

Yeah, 'Monk' would've made my non-decision even harder if it hadn't become such a pale shadow of its former self over the years (as favourite I mean, as you say azzers, he's not as close a natural heir to Holmes as House is - being a homage both to Holmes and the inspiration for Holmes is like the "natural heir" double whammy ;).

(was Monk the first explicitly "defective" detective on TV - defective as focus I mean BTW, obviously flawed detectives have been around forever ? Pretty innovative if so)
Seems like the vaunted Whedonesque voting bloc is going for the girl from Neptune. Interesting how our loyalties lie: Veronica isn't one of our characters, she's just like our characters enough that we (and our master) approve of her highly.
I haven't seen Veronica Mars (but it's on my list!) so I'll happily toss my vote in for Angel. Somebody should ;)
ManEnoughToAdmitIt: Can we make her an honorary Whedon character?

I like a lot of the people on that list, but Veronica deserves the win. She could outsmart half of them and still have time for homework.
No Matlock? For shame.
Gene Hunt gets my vote.
VM is an honorary BtVS character, in fanfic. Do check out the (ongoing) Martian Manhunter.
Like a lot of others here I had to vote for VM. Unfortunately she's losing right now to the people from X-Files (which I hated).
McNulty wasn't that good a detective.
I think I'm a true fan when I got slightly annoyed at the misquote they put for Angel. They put "Helps the hopeless", sure he did that, but the line is "Helps the Helpless".
No I'm not addicted to the show...
Ok, I'm done venting!

Anyways, I put Angel...but only because I've never seen any of the other shows except House, which is a show I can't stand.
Veronica gets my vote.
Sorry, absent James West & Artemus Gordon, Steve McGarrrett, and Frank Cannon, I can't take it seriously *g.
I nearly voted for Veronica, then I saw House. House wins in my mind, the man's life is finding answers, solving puzzles and all the wonderful reasons Saje listed above. Now if we could just see how Veronica Mars and House would interact with one another. :)
I want to vote for Angel, just because, but...but MORSE!
VM is an honorary BtVS character, in fanfic. Do check out the (ongoing) Martian Manhunter.


Oh. My. God. Thank you. I've only read the prologue and first chapter and I'm in love. This is utterly brilliant.

And thank you. Again.
Considering Joss' affinity for Veronica, I don't think he'll mind if I vote for VM. Go Neptune!
Wow, no love for Poirot? I was torn between him and Columbo (though as far as favourite shows go VM and the X-Files easily beat both)
Never really got on with Poirot (or I should say 'Poirot' as in the TV series rather than the character himself since if i've read the books I can't remember them), not a huge fan of that style of 'drawing room detective'. Though Columbo was often in the same middle/upper-middle class setting the whole point from a character perspective was that he didn't belong there (in fact there's quite a lot of class commentary embedded in 'Columbo' IMO).

ETA: Now if we could just see how Veronica Mars and House would interact with one another. :)

I'm just guessing silent knight but I think Veronica's taser might get a work-out ;).

(on their face they're pretty different - House is more about absolutes and Veronica is all about those noir-ish grey areas but she made a few comments - IIRC during the S3 arc - that suggested that part of doing it for her was because she believed in big 'T' truth and I think House would appreciate that. After a couple of zaps ;)

[ edited by Saje on 2009-12-04 15:25 ]
If the question was "Who you would like to to solve a case for you?" I should go with the early Monk, but if they're choosing someone to Holmes pass the torch, House is realy the best man.

Twin Peaks is my second favorite show behind Buffy. (If your at all interested, my third is The Prisoner.)
geratongs3000 |

I hope you're talking about the orginal series, cause I really can't understando the new version.
I had to go with Columbo as well but I agree with Madhatter that there should be the Rockford Files there as well.
Yeah, the old one. I refuse to watch the remake.

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