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December 03 2009

Merlin is renewed for its third season on BBC One. "The announcement comes as the second series of the Saturday-evening show continues to enthral audiences, pulling in a peak of over six million viewers and a 31% share." Cheers for Anthony and company!

It's the only show I will iron to and Tony Head is wonderful it as is the Merlin/Arthur relationship. Though it does need to change its "a mysterious stranger comes to Camelot" episode of the week format.
I couldn't agree more with your second sentence Simon. Also, I'd love it if someone tried to take over the castle by force, or political machinations, as opposed to apparently by force, or apparently by political machinations, but actually by secret magic that only Merlin can stop.
I can't believe how much better this second season has been compared to the first season. Really enjoying the series now.
Also it's series not season here in the UK :p.
Yay, I love the show Merlin.

And more of the Lady Morgana ftw!
The first season was so painfully Smallville-esque that I almost couldn't keep watching, but then I had the opportunity of using the show to answer an essay prompt for my Arthurian Literature class, and I started watching again, and the second season got me completely hooked. That first Arthur/Gwen kiss...*sigh* I'm so glad this show gets to continue.
It also has this in it's favour, it's not Robin Hood or Torchwood.
Torchwood bashing is not allowed on this plane of existence. I defy anyone to watch "Children of Earth" and not tell me it was a highlight of 2009's programming.

But, yes you are right.

At least its not Robin Hood.
Series, season, whatever. I'm Dutch, we say "seizoen".
Seriously. Why does a HURRAY FOR MERLIN post need to also be a YAY THAT IT'S NOT TORCHWOOD post?! I am thoroughly AGAINST that happening. Torchwood love here, lots of gorramin' love. :-P
Yeah, most of series 2 ( ;) and certainly 'Children of Earth' bought 'Torchwood' a shit load of credit IMO.

Now slightly perturbed by the prospect of possibly having to take another look at 'Merlin'. Not even Michelle Ryan could make me tune in last time (after the first episode).
@Saje: if you can't or won't watch ALL of season 2, at least watch the incredible Lady Troll episodes. Absolutely hilarious. That actress needs a British Emmy-equivalent-type-award.

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Yes, the lady troll episode has got to be some of the most hilarious television I've ever seen. EVER.
Great news. And yes, the lady troll episodes with Sarah Parish are brilliant, particularly the second one which probably made me laugh more than anything else this year, ASH's comedy-chops FTW. Also Merlin/Arthur is kinda awesome.
Reckon I may have to have a look at series 2 at least then. Which probably means the 1st series too, bit of a completist in that respect.
Any idea if we're going to get series two here across the pond? Watched series one on NBC (I think) and would love to see how series two betters it, because for a while there I was just watching it for Anthony.
No one seems to know (or at least is telling) about when Series 2 might air in the U.S. But I would be surprised if it weren't available in at least some form over here. My family and I would like to continue watching. I think we caught most of Series 1 on the Apple TV via iTunes, but we started out watching on NBC.

The first series was uneven. I agree about the "mysterious Camelot visitor of the week" problem, Simon. Similar to what the network (forget which one) used to ask for on the original Outer Limits series. They wanted to see "The Bear" every week, meaning a monster, but it's the same idea.

Tony Head is good as King Ripper Pendragon but my favorite character is Gaius. I love Richard Wilson. Apologies if I said this on these boards before but in Doctor Who episodes The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances he plays one of the most appealing doctors (not The Doctor) ever, in WWII London.

[ edited by RBB on 2009-12-04 05:59 ]
hopitopia, RBB From what I've heard, NBC is NOT picking it up because it didn't do good enough in the ratings for them.

I say someone draft a very nice email petitioning them to give "Merlin" a second chance - for one thing, there is a dearth of fantasy programming right now, and very little true "family fare." Everything has gotten so violent. And sitcoms are fairly much the same low-brow humor, or adult-oriented humor. Or a combination.
Richard Wilson: Hubby is a huge fan of older Brit coms and he recognized him. I should have from those newer Dr. who eps. He is an amazing actor. And Merlin series 1 was very much family fare, at least til the very last ep. And I would argue even then. But I like to have a lively family discussion...I'll look into that nice email petition. But I'm assuming numbers didn't pan out for ABC/NBC/whomever owns them now...
OK, I was not impressed by what I saw of the show on NBC. Which wasn't much. Maybe some other network could pick up the second season/series.

BBCamerica, are you listening? Afer all, you bought us both Robin Hood & Torchwood.

By the way--John Barrowman recently announced he's signed for the next 13 episodes of the latter show. Its last full season & the mind-blowing excellence of "Children of Earth" left Torchwood a bit understaffed. Perhaps Captain John (played by our James Marsters) could drop by to lend a hand. And return a bit of the old light-heartedness to the show....
Pretty difficult to see how they can go back to light-hearted after 'Children of Earth' but I guess that level of doom and gloom might be tough to sustain over 13 eps.
I was sort of hoping Torchwood would become a sort of a Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy show. That is sort of how they left us at the end of Children of earth anyway.

I do not think James Marsters would be a good travel companion though. His character is a little too unstable. It would be cool to see him show up every now and then however.

I just hope they don't do a time travel thing in order to "reset" the show with all the characters alive and Torchwood HQ in one piece. That show needs to either grow or die.

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