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December 03 2009

Hulu - Astonishing X-Men: Gifted, Episode 2. The story continues... In animated form... Which is neat.

Isn't Emma Frost English?
Nope, American as far as I remember.

*checks* - yup, Boston.
Well, according to the Wikipedia article I just looked over, no. She's a Beantown native...but an upper crust one. Rather an anti-Faith in some ways, when one compares backgrounds between the two Bostonians. Though both apparently seemed to have taken their new found powers as a sign to be naughty minxes ;D

**Edit: Seems BobReturns got to the answer first. Pity ;)**

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As I get used to the format I see the 'animation' less and the story more.
I like it.
Yeah, at first I wasn't too impressed by the animations (I guess I'm still not), but I'm getting used to the format now and am starting to see past the limitations a bit. I'm not completely sold on the format, but it did make me go dig out my copy of Part 3 ("Torn") because it made me remember how much I liked this series.
I like these little 14 minute long distractions. Definitely better when read, but as I said, distractions.
That and that I like being reminded about how cool Emma Frost is. Joss and Grant Morrison (in his New X-Men run) sold me on her.

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