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December 03 2009

Reviews are coming in for Nicholas Brendon in 'The Santaland Diaries'. He seems to be winning many over with his "easy inviting charm" according to these reviews.

I thought he did a great job--it was very, very funny. And well directed, too. Plus so fun to see it such a teeny-tiny theater! I think it seats about 75 people. Snugly. Made me want to go to their next production.
I saw it and liked it too. Much better than I anticipated. In fact I wish all indie horror flicks were this good.
....I assume your post was meant for the Dushku movie directly under this one Razor? That said, I would love to see a horror movie with some Sedaris sensibilities.

I really dug listening to Sedaris read the related bits in Holidays on Ice since he's got some pretty great timing as is and I wish there were a chance of me checking out Brendon playing him. (Plus I sort of would love to hear Brendon sing like Sedaris singing like Billie Holiday.)
Yeah, saw this last night. It was awesome. And the theater only sits 53, jcs, for some fun trivia. I heard one of the employees talking about it.

I loved how tiny it was. I was about 5 feet from him. He was pretty hilarious. Also, the walls of the lobby are decorated with photos of previous cast members, including James Marsters and Tom Lenk. Gave me a little (to steal a term from another poster) fan-reaction.

At any rate, if you have a chance to make it out, I highly recommend it.
Yay! I'm seeing it this Sunday! I'm glad it's getting such positive reviews!

Jobo - This is random, but did the picture of James Marsters in the lobby show him in sort of a light brown jacket, holding a gun, and still bleached blonde? I keep thinking it was at this theater that I saw a play with him years ago, and if that's the picture, then I'm pretty sure I'm right.

To all who saw it, did Nicky hang out afterward to mingle at all, or not so much?

Oh. Also, "fan reaction"? Hah!
And the theater only sits 53

That's funny--that's exactly the size of the class I teach. Felt like more in the theater. Maybe because I don't have the stage & props in my classroom.

XanMan Don't know the answer to that--I left right away. But I laughed a lot & applauded, so I'm sure he felt my appreciation. :-)
XanMan - Yep, that's the picture. And I hung around for a second, hoping to meet him, but everyone was walking out of the theater and leaving, and anyway I figured he'd wanna get changed and possibly talk to his director before coming out. So he didn't mingle immediately after, at least. It's possible he came out later, but I didn't see anyone sticking around that he could've chatted with, so I'm guessing he just went home.

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