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December 04 2009

Adam Baldwin discusses 'Chuck,' video games, and Chevy Chase. Nice interview in wherin Adam talks about work, charities, being a sci-fi icon, and kissing Zachery Levi.

That's a nice entertaining interview, and of course I do love my 'sci-fi icons'!
Adam is a nice guy, and I respect his opinions, like his recent blog entitled "‘Climategate’: Good News World! A Crisis of Faith is Ended" over on

Note whedonesque had a link to the blog for a short time. That is, before it got deleted. I'm sure the deletion had nothing political about it. We're above that sort of thing here. We believe in openess and honesty on the whedonesque board, not censorship. We wouldn't ever want to squash an opinion, even if we consider it wrong or misguided.

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quantumac if you've a problem with our decisions do email us about it as per our rules.
Simon, you're the moderator. You can run the board as you see fit. I have no problem with that. My point was I have an extreme dislike of censorship, especially on important issues. Even if I disagreed with Adam, I would respect his opinion.

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quantunmac, discussions about why items get deleted gets discussed offsite via email. If you want to carry on this discussion, drop me a line.
Love the image of Adam and Robert Patrick taking the mickey out of themselves over their "iconic" status ;).

Some good causes there too. "Help for Heroes" is probably the nearest UK equivalent, 'nother good cause (however you feel about the situation in general).

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