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December 04 2009

Blue Sun Travel posters set (series 2) available for pre-order. Shiny! Especially the Bellerophon poster.

Very nice! There's one particular poster that I've got my eye on:Visit Worker Town

Here's hoping Santa brings me one!
Lovely Art, even though some of them defy the concept of "tourist destination". Very pretty indeed. :D
Nice tags, Simon. :)

Always wanted to get the first set, but sadly, the delivery cost to the UK put me off.
These are awesome! The last set was less "space centric" and when I framed them, some people thought they were real places (till they got to Londinium).

I need these.
If anyone wants to get me these for Christmas, just email me for my address. :)
Man, I just ordered these. Sheesh. I have the first set already, and there are some beautiful ones in this set. Is it wrong to want to decorate your house entirely in Firefly?
Of course, if you wanted to get technical, it would be "Canton" on "Higgin's Moon"... but where would be the fun in that?

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