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December 04 2009

This American Life Live Show Now Available on DVD. The This American Life Live Show, "Return to the Scene of the Crime", featuring Joss performing "Heart Broken" is now available via DVD!

This version has a different, hilarious middle section, in which Joss sings about his "precious quasi-fame."
Apparently this version was the "first' version. I love it.
I saw this thing twice in theaters, it was fantastic. Definitely gonna buy this.
You know I love Joss to death, and I'm convinced that he's the smartest man in entertainment today, but I never really could get down with the message of this song. I think it's the one and only time I haven't completely agreed with the dude on something.

There seems to be two separate but related points, first that we tend to over-analyze art until some crucial essence is removed from it, and secondly that commercialization has weakened the integrity of storytelling.

The second point has some merit, although overstated. The first point however isn't as compelling in my opinion. Over-thinking art isn't all that new a phenomenon, it's pretty much as old as art itself. While I do understand that there are excesses in everything, and fandom can certainly be annoying, I truly believe that criticism and interpretation actually make for richer entertainment. Stuff like deleted scenes and DVD commentary is just the 21st century way of doing that stuff.

Or am I taking it too seriously and exactly proving his point?:)
For those who haven't seen it, there's this to enlighten you:

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