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December 04 2009

Miracle Laurie says thanks to our thanks. Courtesy of Twitpic, here's a shot of some inappropriate starches.

Fran Kranz tweeted about it too

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Collected reactions (linked changed to a comment in this thread).

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This is so awesome! I wish I could see a pic of each cake.
Those cakes turned out really well! Thanks to all who put that together!
Whedonesquers are mighty. I completely mean that.
Here's a group shot.

Everybody involved in making this happen should be proud of themselves as it's a really awesome gesture.
Excellent job by bobw1o, quotergal and cake designer Adrian!
Love all the photos and tweets!

Now, back to the show!
Eliza then sent a better one.
Since it happened right before Thanksgiving, things were pretty hectic for me and I missed out on the chance to contribute to the binder or anything. :(
I second MizBehavin1's sentiment. It's amazing what can be done when people come together. And it's great to see the cast & crew's reactions too.
Ok, after I watched the two episodes tonight, I rewound my tape to watch them both again. But then I got distracted by the news of the cakes being received!

I think this was perfect timing for them to receive them. :D

Fran is looking at my page of the thank you book.
Kudos to all! Adrian did a wonderful job on the cakes and bobw10 on the managing and delivering. And a big ol' virtual hug to QG for rising from her sickbed to beat the deadline with general awesomeness of the cards and the binder and whatever else made it to the set. :)
It looks like the Rossum Corp business cards are on the table.
Wow guys, great cakes. Wish we had individual photos of them to be able to see them better, but from what you can see, they look great!
What MizBehavin1 said!

ETA and Cabri said, too. Extremely fine doings!

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Looking at all these pictures just makes me hungry. I should stop looking now.
So the fan book... any chance the people who put it together maybe scanned it before sending it off so others could see?
Emmie, we'll be putting up an online gallery.
Cheers! I'll look forward to seeing it. And hats off to everyone who did this - it was very thoughtful and classy. Let them eat cake - good plan.
Cake or Death? I guess Fox chose Death, but the whole rest of us chose yummy Cake! :)
Really wish I could've donated to this worthy cause, but I'm proud of my fellow Whedonesquers. And you'd better believe this is something every one of the cast & crew is going to remember for years to come.

Glad to see the carrot cake & vase w/flowers were both used. "PORN!" cracks me up, especially the red spray. The rose petals are a nice touch.

What were the flavors? I saw a devil's food cake & a white cake w/fudge? filling. Couldn't read the other bowls. Also love that they were set out as the sleeping pods.

Missed both episodes tonight (I hate homework) but hope to catch them on Hulu. And maybe Santa will be good to me & give me the DVDs of the first season.
You should be able to make out the flavors here.
The collected reaction:

Fran Kranz
We just got a bunch of cakes from the fans to keep us full and warm during our night shoot. That's awesome. Thanks guys

Fran Kranz
Truly great fans. Dollhouse references on each cake. My favorite is three flowers in a vase... Wish my phone could take worthy photos

Miracle Laurie
We got em' and we love u! (Image)

Alana Stone
@miraclelaurie posing with the fan cakes. A huge thank u from everyone at #dollhouse (Image)

Eliza Dushku
Yes! @frankranz We just got a bunch of cakes from the fans to keep us full and warm during our night shoot. That's awesome. Thanks guys

Alana Stone
@frankranz looking at the awesome book that u guys put together. (Image)

Eliza Dushku
Wow- thank u to the fans! (Image)

Alana Stone
The group shot with the cake! Xoxoxoxox yummmmmm (Image)

Eliza Dushku
We Love You DH fans & friends! Xoxoxo (Image)

Maurissa Tancharoen
OMG! Thank you so much to @whedonesque and everyone who made us those delicious cakes!! Wowee wowee.

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Who ate the porn?
I want some of that porn cake!
This is awesome! I love all the pictures.

Although now I'm hungry for cake.
Awesome, awesome, awesome!

I'm going to miss them in a couple months.
This is the best idea I ever had.
Indubitably, Simon!
This made me all warm and fuzzy inside...

And hungry to booth!
Hey everyone! Just got home, been looking through their reactions and whatnot, it's awesome to see the internet buzz about it. I was lost without a smart phone to check in with, maybe I should get a new phone! Speaking of, I took that group shot Eliza posted with her phone!

You guys have no idea how touched everyone was. Random crew members walked up and asked what it was all about. And when I said it was a gift from the fans they looked at me quizzically and asked, "Fans?" So I went in to deeper explanation and there faces went from confusion to suprise o appreciation, it was brilliant. Fran was the first actor to see it, as he was passing us at the elevator and laughed out loud when he saw the Inappropriate starches. Later, after eating a piece ALL 6 cakes, he started suggesting the flavors to people, and exclaimed, "The Porn is great!"

Eliza was the first person (including all the actors) to recognize the Porn reference. Upon first stepping up, she remarked how great this was, then spotted the Porn cake, laughed, and said, "Porn! That's great, I have to send this to Joss!" And immediately took a picture of just that cake with her phone and sent it to Joss! She also said that she loooves carrot cake and she definitely had a piece of that first! I don't know if anyone can tell from the pictures, but the leaves of the carrots are actually leaves from a more... medicinal plant and when I pointed that out to the cast they loved it!

Upon realizing that 3 of the cakes were Olivia's lines, I told her it was because she has all the best lines, to which she said," Well I got really lucky that Joss took great interest in writing for a British character, which means I've had some really f*cking fantastic lines!"

It needs to be said everyone was absurdly gracious, from stand-ins to wardrobe, camera, grips, sound, etc... But the actors, they were truly, truly touched guys. The pic Miracle tweeted is from about 3 seconds after she walked up the first time. Eliza absolutely loved it. And she's the one that suggested getting the cast in for group pictures, and so she wrangled them over. She's also the first one who took an interest in the binder and didn't just look at it, she started looking through it, reading the pages. She took it over to her chair (by the heater, cold even in LA at night in Dec) and read several pages and looked through the entire book. Miracle was also deeply invested in the book, and I also spotted Fran and Olivia and Tahmoh browsing it.

No Joss, Enver, or Dichen, in fact no Maurissa either that I saw, so props to her for showing the appreciation! I arrived so late in the day that writers and office people were basically all gone. However, showing up when they were shooting outside at night was great for keeping the cakes from melting while all the photo ops were happening! Also a good pick me up for a crew that has to shoot late in the cold on a Friday!

I got plenty of great shots, which I will get posted tomorrow, right now it's sleepy time. (For those of you that think I'm leaving town, that business trip fell through, so I'm stress free tomorrow). The cast and crew could not stop thanking me and Adriann (two Ns, my bad for misspelling it before) for this and I kept telling them how many people it was from (and pointing to the list of names on the card). They were blown away.

Favorite quote of the evening (paraphrased) is from Fran: "Oh! it's the pods!" After seeing them for like 10 minutes.

And yeah Simon, great idea. |-)~

ETA: Those are actually Adriann's business cards, I discovered the spare Rossum cards late into the evening by pure accident (but the one in the front card window thing was seen by all!) More on what's going on with the binder itself later, suffice to say there is interest expressed in the fact the pages will be available online, no guarantees they'll go for them though. |-)~

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bow10 you played a blinder, you're a star for what you did.
Hooray, thanks for the recap, bobw10! I can't wait to see your pics. :)
Thank you bobw1o, for that post. On top of all your work making this happen (along with Quoter Gal and Adriann, we get the added awesome of the next best thing to being there. :)
Cake or Death? I guess Fox chose Death, but the whole rest of us chose yummy Cake! :)
kungfubear | December 05, 06:46 CET

An Eddie Izzard reference! Icing on the cake(s). ;)
Oh for crap's sake! I'm tearing up again. :(

I hate FOX. I just HATE them....
Aw, man. So awesome. Getting to see some reactions and pics...Thanks bobw1o, QuoterGal, and Adriann for making it happen, plus everyone else who made suggestions. This is really freakin' cool.

The PORN cake sounds the tastiest, mmm.

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See, and I missed out on actually taking part in the part I could afford because I'm not a member of dot org.

Props to all who took part, from the donations to the actual cake-making (And, as a former cake decorator, I've got to say those are fantastic!) and delivery. one saved Joss a piece???? one saved Joss a piece????

Someone should make him a trufflecake...

*runs away with a Horrible laugh*
Thanks to all involved from Simon's idea to its execution to bobw10's very nice recap of the delivery/reception. I'm always happy to be a part of this community, but I grow prouder each time there is a personal connection made to thank the actors, writers, directors, and crewmembers whose work we love.
Adriann. Adriann? Adriann!
Thank you, BobW10 for the awesome detail! And thank you again to QuoterGal!
Ok I know I probably need to be slapped, but what is the PORN reference and the i could eat that word reference? My head is having to make a lot of room lately and I guess this was one of things to go
Thanks for the report bobw1o, I'm so pleased that it was clear that we appreciated all of them.
Big thanks to Bobw10 , QuoterGal and everyone who helped to get this done. Also great report and pics :)
Porn is from Man on the Street (105). Joel is suspected by his wife of being in the porn biz.

I need to hear Olivia swear before I die, also.
This is so cool!
Too bad I didn't stay up late last night... would love to have seen the tweets show up.

HUGE thanks again to bobw1o, quotergal, Adrian and Simon for this!
You all rock, and I'm so thankful that I could send my small contribution to it.
The "I could eat that word" is Olivia from when her and Topher are high on the Rossum drug. Same situation that brought about the drawer of inappropriate starches line.
ShadowQuest, you don't need to be a member of .org to read the posts, so participation was still feasible. If you like, I haven't made the EN donation yet, but will be doing so very shortly, so you can still add to the pot.

As for saving Joss a piece, maybe someone grabbed something, but I doubt it. I kept trying to see about saving the uneaten cakes in a fridge, but the consensus was they would be thrown away. Basically, no one wants to bother preserving them after a 12 hour day, late on a Friday, etc...

I suppose I could have saved them, but I wouldn't be back till Tuesday at best, and that's no guarantee, so who knows if they'd be good by the time I got back.

I didn't say before, but I am very proud to have been a part of this. I've rarely been even a small part of a fan effort, but this time I was able to see the direct result of the effort and that was priceless. Also, hugged by Eliza, not a bad payoff for me. |-)~

Pictures coming as soon as I finish waking up...

Unless I get distracted finally watching last night's Dollhouse eps!

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OMG, I love the PORN! cake. Reminds me of my DH "Porn!" avatar I used for a while. My Mom told me to take it off my Facebook so I wouldn't get fired! LOL. Tons of thanks to QG, bobw1o, Adrian and Simon. Well done! I can't wait to see all the book art.
You guys are so cool!! Thank you for the pics and the report and a big thanks for organising this whole thing!
bobw1o, thanks for the recap of the delivery. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to catch the scene myself. Truly remarkable job by everyone. So awesome to read that the cast was so moved! I only was able to contribute but a small amount, but feel really honored to have been able to do even that little bit. The cast and crew have really made something great and last night's episodes were incredible. I've never before been a part of any fan effort, so this was a great first experience.

Basically, I just want to say thanks to bobw1o, quotergal, and adriann! Great work!
OMG, I love the PORN!

Selective out of context editing!
Pictures available. Enjoy!
Thanks bobw1o, QuoterGal, and Adriann for getting it done (and bobw1o for your very happy-making recap & pix). And Simon for your most excellent idea. And also to those (b!X?) working to get the binder online.
The photos are awesome, bobw1o. Thanks for that.
bobw1o, thanks for the pictures, and thanks to you, QuoterGal and Adriann for all your work in carrying this off!
Uploading photos of the individual cakes now. They were taken quickly and aren't fantastic. Touched up a couple of them (barely) but they're all fine.

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Thanks so much to everyone who arranged this. So awesome. Those cakes look amazing. Whedonesquers are the best :)
Thanks for the nifty report, bobw1o - and I've just taken a quick look at your awesome on-the-spot photos. You are a total star for being the Official Cake Wrangler, plan mover-and-shaker and Court Photographer. And I'm so glad the Clever Cakes and book-and-card came to the Dollhouse at a time when hungry (and cold) Dollhouse folks could appreciate it. It's kinda cool to see the thanks and pixs - especially to see the book on the set when I've been staring at that artwork every day on my computer for the last two weeks.

I thought I'd quick check in and let you guys know the plans about getting stuff up so all can see and share the thank-you card and everyone's (inspired) book artwork. I was originally just gonna slam the digital art into a flash gallery template and put it up somewhere for folks to see (as well as offer a pdf for download) but yesterday b!X offered one of his Dollhousian domains/sites and his bountiful skills to get a separate site going for it all. He's just now got all my files and will no doubt check in with further information when he can. If we have any meaningful delays in this process, I'll put up the pdf and a link to it here and at the .org to enjoy in the interim.

Here's a quick shot I took of the TY card and book and another of one of the Epitaph One-inspired "To Remember"pages, first suggested by CrazyKidBen.

I think one of the things I love the most about my fellow Whedon-y fans (in addition, of course, to their extreme good taste in Storytellers ; >) is how they take an idea and run with it - something starts as one lil' bud of an idea and then within minutes, other parts of it are born and and flower and the next thing you know, you've got a bouquet (or three flowers in a vase.)

This whole multi-faceted project was kicked off by a suggestion by Simon about a cake on the day we found out about the cancellation, and quickly grew on that thread, where it overflowed onto - as you can see, Simon linked to the organizing at the .org from the front page here. (I also got inquiries at 3 of my email addresses, PM's and tweets on twitter, so word seemed to be spreading via numerous avenues.)

Originally whyiwatch offered to do a card, but as she was incredibly swamped by what I'll call Other Dollhousian Efforts ; > I offered to do a card - and as it became quickly apparent that folks wanted to say more than could be contained in just a card, I thought of a tribute book - which would have been nothing at all without the multiple efforts and talents of all the many folks that contributed their art and photos.

Anyhoo, I know folks are looking forward to seeing the card and all of the book's lucious fan art, so b!X and I will make sure to let you guys know when and where you can look at it.

Oh, a few things thing I want to mention: 1) donations for the cake creation went so well that we are actually able to make a very substantial donation to Equality Now with the "leftovers" (bobw1ois tracking that); 2) this donation was notably increased by the generous non-profit pricing by talented CakeQueen Adriann and 3) it was very definitely combined fan creativity, efforts and deomocratic polling that made all of this happen.
Indeed. Everybody rocks. Thanks, QG and bobw1o for everything. I know it meant a lot to the people working that night.
The Binder. The binder was awesome! Not having taken the time to even visit the Binder thread, totally unintentionally, I really had no idea what it was gonna look like. I was absolutely blown away by what you guys all put together for that. And so were the cast and crew! Especially the cast. I mentioned it before, but the cast was pouring over that book like it was full of baby pictures! I wish I'd gotten more shots of them doing just that, but the timing was never right. The best was seeing Eliza all by herself slowly turning pages as she took in each one!

I think it was Miracle who asked who gets to keep the book, and before I could even say anything, Alana pointed out that the pages would be available online (cause she'd taken some time to look through the book as well) so that anyone who wanted could get the images. So I threw out a crazy idea and Miracle said that sounded fantastic, so I spread the idea to the cast.

I was gonna surprise QG with this, but it seems better to announce it while people might still be paying attention. Gonna cross post this like crazy to make sure it gets seen.

The Cast is signing the binder itself and I will bring it back to QuoterGal for her to keep as a thank you from the cast for putting it together! Meanwhile, they're hopefully gonna go download the pages for themselves to keep! Alana has the book right now and is gonna hit up Enver and Dichen on Monday to ask if they will sign it (and so they get to see it, duh) and I will pick it up at some point and return it to QG. I'm gonna leave it with them for a few days so hopefully they can pass it around looking at it, and spread the word of it's availability online. Perhaps those with twitter can mention it to the cast/crew with twitter accounts as an added way of spreading it?

QuoterGal, no promises on who all will sign it, I didn't see who even signed it last night, but those of the cast I spoke to about it (Miracle, Tahmoh, Fran, and Olivia) all seemed to be gung ho about the idea. They really love the effort you put into bringing that together and were very open to showing their appreciation. My apologies for not getting a group photo with it! I wasn't thinking!

Addendum to the overall report: Harry's stand in said early on that I should tell you all that the best of Dollhouse is yet to come, you're (we're) all gonna be blown away by the remaining episodes. Starting I suppose, last night, though I still haven't been able to watch them! arg!

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Oh, Gossi, Miracle asked about you. |-)~
Oh, that rocks so much, I'm tearing up. QG definitely deserves it a million-fold...
Hah. What was she askin'?

And yes, I can say for absolutely certain people will freak out about the remaining episodes. So good.
No meaningful delays on the gallery site for the book. Within half an hour, probably.
That's so cool for QG! I'm so glad she'll have that with all the signatures, and it's fitting as a thanks for all her hard work. bobw1o, the pictures were great, thanks for taking/sharing them with us!

That kinda floored me and made me shut up for a while, bobw1o (which they tell me is no small feat.) Thank you - and all of the Dollhousian Ones - so much for that.

I'd say more, but I'm sorta verklempt. In the good way. ; >

I had a chance to look more at your photos - I think you did a great job and got plenty. The shot of Eliza taking a photo of the spread w/ TamaraC and my pages is more than enough satisfaction for me, and all the rest is sheer Dollhouse-flavored gravy. (Sorry, ick.) I mean, it's all good.

(b!X sure is fast - if it was me putting together the site, we'd be talking hours, I'm telling you.)
Re: the gallery site, later today, unless there's objection, I'd like to also add a photo section with both bobw1o's stuff and the stuff cast/crew tweeted, so it's all together.
Thank you everyone for making this happen! The pictures are great.

Minor spoiler, regarding a detail in the pictures:

I dig Eliza's Grrr-Argh pose!
Okey-dokey, the Fan Thank-you site is live, thanks to The One True b!X. Feel free to pass it around to interested folks, and of course to the Dollhousian cast and crew.

If you need a shortened URL for twitter and such, b!X made this:

(It would be supernacular to have cast and crew photos & twit-reactions on the site, so I hope everyone's cool with that...)
Additional thanks to bobw1o for the reportage and photos -- excellent job! Looking forward to b!X's website to browse through the binder and card photos too. (Thanks b!X!!)

Happy that QuoterGal gets the signed binder for all of her effort -- it kinda makes being sick worth it, no? And belated thanks to Simon for your flash of brilliance that sparked the project into being!

It's really cool that the delivery occurred the night of Dollhouse's no-holds-barred return too -- especially seeing that I feel these last episodes really are a gift to the viewers. Me thinks that Fox is going to regret early cancellation ... again! :( I, on the other hand, will have no regrets for sticking with the show. :)

Big hugs to Joss, Eliza, the writers, additional cast and crew for going out with a bang!

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Oh you guys. Tears, tears, more tears at all the inspiration and joy contained in that album. Thank you for sharing yourselves.

Sorry. Have to edit again - I am down with all the Twitter messages by cast, photos, and bob's photos being with the album, card, etc. It seems fitting.

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QG, you are more than deserving, making the suggestion was the least I could do, I was so happy when they liked the idea!

Mouse, when that ep airs (ep 12) I will point out which scene it is on the episode discussion thread. It's a safe bet from what I saw that there is more than one scene with that detail. Although, I bet it's the only scene with that detail and those exact cast members!

The Thank-you site is fantastic, pass the url around!
Ok: first - WOW!
Clearly a talented bunch of people in here - from cakes to photos to graphic stuff that I can't appropriately name. but you guys did an amazing job, and thank you for allowing us to practically come with you with your amazing pictures and recap, bobw1o!
I am so proud to be a part of the Whedonesque community, I'm about to burst!!

Now, I couldnt help but notice what you said to Shadowquest: "ShadowQuest, you don't need to be a member of .org to read the posts, so participation was still feasible. If you like, I haven't made the EN donation yet, but will be doing so very shortly, so you can still add to the pot."

AND I REALLY WANT TO CONTRIBUTE! PLEASE LET ME! Just point me in the right direction and I will do whatever it takes. And next time we celebrate our favorite people (And I'm thinking along the lines of "Wow - your 300th episode, oh my how time flies," I will totally be on the ball.)
Kudos and my deepest admiration and respect to The Dollhouse cast and crew AND fans. :)
I have a small confession to make. I did a little screw-up on the card, which in my flu-ishness and my they-drugged-me-for-dental-surgery-but-then-I-did-not-get-it states this week, I failed to notice until late last night.

I borked, if that's the word, the export of the card names from Excel to text file, and therefore stray quote marks inserted themselves here and there in some folks' names (including my own.)

I certainly did not intend to have my signature quotergal quotemarks scattered throughout the list, interrupting people's names, and I arst yer pardons. I hope no one is seriously bothered by it. : (

ETA: more borkishness. Honestly.

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That's it, you're not getting the binder back. }-)~

Carnelionne, go for it

The link is on the first page there, I'm a dunce so I'm hoping this link works

EDIT: to hopefully have a working link.

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bobw1o -- I'd love to, but the link doesn't work for me? :(

Edit: I think I did it now!! Thank you for your patience! :)

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bobw1o, loved the pictures! I too am averse to flash (my flash pics never come out right!) so I feel your pain. ;)
I'd use flash more often, although not frequently, if I had an SB-400 for my D300. The on-board flash is far too annoying and I never use it.
It's round-about, but it now links to the .org thread where b!x long ago made a working link out of my previous blunders.

Re: the flash. not to mention that light that was almost directly overhead (sigh) was super blue and I didn't even bother to change the color temp... it's better for all I switched to full auto.

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My eyes are watering by reading that album. I'm almost crying. Gah! I love people.
I'd like to give a belated shout out to Shawna Trpcic. While she didn't directly contribute to this, her friendship did make this a lot easier. Foremost because if I didn't know her, nobody in LA would have a contact to get them on the set, and we'd have to go through the prod office to get permission, possibly not even being present for the arrival on set to A) see the appreciation first hand to relate back, and B) get all the snazzy pics (still wish I had more for ya). I also wouldn't have realized I knew someone else who is working this season who was able to get me on set yesterday when Shawna was too busy to think about it! Though it still could've happened next week |-)~

I also found that a lot of people recognized me from my previous visits, which was cool!

I'm extremely proud to have been such a part of this and so happy it went so well so that everyone out there in the black can see what they were a part of. You should all be proud of yourselves!

So thanks, Shawna, for your continued generosity and time, you greatly helped make this possible!
Is it kinky to want to see pictures of the cast eating the cake?
Wow, I think I'm speechless (which would be a first). :)

Everyone who made this happen, and then went the extra mile to share the experience with all the rest of us - you are beyond awesome.

Damn, I wish I had a piece of cake. ;)
Thanks for sharing the pics of the Thank You book! It truly was a great effort all around.
Thank you to every single person who contributed to make this fantastic gift to the Dollhouse team. You're all amazing!

Special thanks to Quotergal (who didn't stop nagging me until I'd sent in something for the book), bobw10 for organising the cake and delivery, and for taking such great pictures, and to theonetrueb!x for putting it all up online. Your combined efforts are especially appreciated, as I now have this photo of the crew looking and pointing at my page. I'd love to know what the story behind the photo was, though I'm sure they're likely expressing confusion about why that picture says that the girl is from Melbourne, Australia but is she is clearly standing in front of the Seattle skyline ;)

Thanks guys!! You rock!!

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I'm so happy that Quotergal gets the binder but sad that bobw1o doesn't get anything for his efforts aside from getting to talk to everyone on set, and see their reactions and take those great pictures- yeah, I'm glad QG gets the binder. ;)
I was out last night with some 20 friends - all Whedon fans- and the talk was all Dollhouse with some discussion about the Eaglemoss Buffy magazine with accompanying Buffy figure. So many people there didn't know about the thank you cake but were really happy to hear abut it.
The 'Thank You' site is awesome. Goes off to post about it.
That was briljant. From the cakes, to the book, to the card, the pictures, to everyone's reaction and the enthusiasm here. Much kudos to everyone involved in some way, shape or form! You guys are a shining example of just how great our fandom can be :).
JenskiJen - Those two were looking through the pages, and were reading those two in particular, but he only pointed when I asked to take the picture, he was posing. |-)~

That woman is a stand-in, and was super friendly, I never found out who's, but she's got to be Olivia's. Apparently she's also played an attendant at the Dollouse, I wanna go back and look!

Lioness - Yes, I've been unfairly rewarded for the whole thing! {-P The word I was going for somewhere above but missed was "fortunate" I feel extremely fortunate that I had this opportunity to help make this happen for so many fans. I've now been to the set of two Whedon productions, and know crew members from Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Serenity, Dr.H, and Dollhouse, but then, the industry is small... Ultimately I hope to be working on a Joss production in the future, and that means easy access for any future fan efforts! That also means I'll be a lucky mofo!

Oh, and Ron (my camera operator friend) says hi, and he's glad he was able to help. He's seen the pics (and had some cake) and though he's not a fan of the show (Ron, can we trade jobs?) he thinks it's great that you all did this, and it is a great cast and crew to do it for, he likes them all.
Shawna Trpcic, Ron, bobw10's friend and anyone else who helped get him access to the set last Friday evening, thank you! I hope that you have an account here and will be able to read the words of thanks (and that you know where to go when this topic falls off into archive-land) from us all. Without fan support off this web log, access to those we wish to show our support (like the Writer's Strike) would not be possible. You are special folks and I salute you.
At some point today I will get the cast and crew Twitpics added to the website, so people don't have to use my above comment somewhere to find them all.
Photos tweeted by cast and crew now added to the thank you site.
More overflowing thanks from me to everybody involved in coming up with ideas for and organising this. I would never have got involved at all if you hadn't all been so enthused and open about it, I would have just watched and thought 'I wish I was more part of the fandom and could join in without feeling silly.' You did a great job of bringing everyone in, from the oh-so-democratic polls through the frequent updates of progress to QG's hassling us for pictures of twitter, it was all awesome. Sincere thanks to all, and now I'm off to go look at the website...
Thanks for doing that, b!X - coolio.

Yes, apparently I'm no stranger to hassling, nagging and intimidation to get the job done - my years of lefty organizing ("No war! No way!") and non-profit work ("If you give us free printing, we'll put your name on the brochure real big!") have stood me in good stead for this kindof project. ; >

I was glad that so many of the folks I tortured for book pages and photos came through - but sad that so many more didn't. There is so much talent in this fandom that didn't get represented in the binder (though I realize that the time constraints were a factor.)

What always shocks me is how often very smart and talented people think they have nothing to offer - sometimes the very best submissions came from folks who accompanied their entries with, "I know this sucks, but it's all I could do."

It made me remember a psych study I read somewhere that seemed to indicate that there was an inverse proportion between a person's (general) intelligence and world knowledge, and the amount of self-confidence they had about themselves and what they knew/could do - that incredibly uninformed and untalented people tended almost towards self-delusion about themselves, while more informed and skilled folks had a deep sense of how much more there was for them to learn.

But that's another story.

In the end, I hope no one felt too badgered - I just always have faith that people are capable of more than they gave themselves credit for... and I wanted it. ; >
Man, the binder came and went before I even gave it thought - you guys are quick!
Very very very cool and awesome and sick. Thanks bobw1o, QuoterGal, and Adriann for making it happen, Simon for the idea, plus everyone else involved. We are an awesome fandom.
Shawna just tweeted that she had the Thank you book at the moment. That it was "taking a rest". She includes a picture. Nice to know that it is still travelling around.
Late to the party but look, I brought an extra bag of thanks for bobw10, QuoterGal and cake maestro extraordinaire, Adriann with an extra 'n' and an honorary emboldening ;). Plus a cast of quite literally others.

Seriously, thanks to everyone involved for taking Simon's ball and not just playing it but running with it. You all rock so hard I have sympathy pains for the ground you're standing on.

(going through the binder now and it's amazing and heartfelt and lovely. Would've got to it sooner but I a) didn't realise this thread was here and b) was going to get the link from the .org until it - hopefully temporarily - burst its innertubes)
I am very late to the party--I just wanted to thank everyone again for allowing us to be a part of this. I've had a fairly horrific few weeks--so, coming home tonight and finally having time to take a look at these comments, the website, the photos, and everything else?

Tears. Lots of them.

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