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December 04 2009

11 things you don't know about Joss. Fox Broadcasting suddenly made Dollhouse-related use of its YouTube account today in honor of the show's return.

At least they're starting their promotion right on time...

That was cool, though. Didn't know he liked football, or about his truffle problem.

And he's actually a pretty good actor. I really liked his reaction after the cat story.

Cool vid.
The football thing actually took me quite aback! What a nice little thing. Also, my roommate said he saw a Dollhouse billboard this evening. And we had two ads during Fringe last night, correct? Is FOX starting to promote the show? And why now!
Why now? Only one reason: SURPRISE UNCANCELLATION!

*cries into my imaginary beer*
The Matrix! Pleasantly surprised here.
That's why he writes pain. His mother gave away his cat. I knew. Find the cat now! I don't care if it's dead. Raise it from the grave! Surely, nothing can go wrong with a reanimated cat!
I think we should call it Patches.
No, nothing can go wrong. Patches was very sweet, after all...
Zombie cat.
Zombie cat.
What are they feeding you.
Joss has such a lovely speaking voice.
Interesting that he likes football, never would have guessed, but it's cool to know. And aw, poor cat. What did he say was the worst food towards the end though?

ETA: Huh, marmite. *googles it*

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Jobo: "And why now!"

I figure someone in marketing suddenly realized that they were in charge of the Dollhouse account and that if they didn't spend all the money on Dollhouse now they wouldn't get as much money for their next account. At least, that's the way the gubmint does it: never, ever return budgeted funds! ;)
The title is wrong. There were only 10 things I didn't know.
Zombie cat,
Zombie cat,

It's not your fault. ;)

That was cool, but I got the feeling they edited out the Joss funny/crazy bits.

Edited to remove funny/crazy bits.

[ edited by VeryVeryCrowded on 2009-12-05 07:39 ]
Maybe someone at Fox actually watched the two episodes that were shown today and they were blown hey you know this show ROCKS!
I believe that was real sad face upon the cat recollection.

Maybe a little, but his 'recovery' implies different.
As I commented over on Youtube: Dude, Marmite rulz! Still, this is a cool video. Thanks, Fox [/teeny bit of sarcasm but mostly sincerity].
Marmite? Joss ate cookware? Well, that would qualify as the worst food ever.
I like the part about him being afraid his kid will trip over a twig, hehe.

I actually like marmite though.
Hah, cookware, I didn't even think of that. A marmite is a very nice example of earthen cookware though so I stand by my previous assessment.

It did occur to me however that he was probably referring to British Marmite, for which I can't actually offer an informed opinion of any kind. Just thought I'd clarify that for absolutely no reason at all. Um.

Dude, The Matrix rulz!
Joss doesn't like marmite??? HE DOESN'T LIKE MARMITE??? Nooooooooo!!!!!

This has MASSIVE significance over here. People argue fiercely. Friendships are won and lost, relationships are made or broken, empires rise or fall, all on this matter. We have whole campaigns on marmite. Like facebook groups and everything.

He's lived here. He knows what he just said. That was calculated to hurt. :(
At least he said Marmite and not Vegemite. Joss would love vegemite. He would. *continues to dream*
As someone else who grew up in London, the marmite comment hurt. Marmite is delicious. I think people who don't like it just expect it to be sweet, like most spreads, and are surprised. If you know that it's kind of bitter, there's a much better chance of liking it.
Marmite is like the soy sauce of spreads. You just need a little. Damn, I could really go for some toast, marmite and cheese right about now.
Yay!TimelyFox: you are red and ironic.
He still says The Matrix ? Or is that just his easy go-to answer to the Favorite Film question when he needs to give a quick response ? I can see it being a favorite among sci-fi/actioners specifically, probably one of my favorite films of 1999 too (actually there were a lotta good films that year from what I remember), but overall favorite?...Okay okay, whatever, personal choice, it's all good.

Am surprised to find out he likes football (unless it's for the same reason I like it occasionally, then I'm surprised differently). But does he mean American football, or soccer ? And how does he have time to write a comic and a show/run a show, give interviews, watch a sport, raise kids, and be a fan of at least two or three TV shows per season ?
I'm with Joss on the Marmite... nasty stuff.. eewww
I would have thought that Joss was a hockey fan (if I had to guess at which sport he enjoys watching).
@Kris, sorry but I'm still with Joss on that too. If a film's a great film it doesn't stop being a great film just because it's, gosh, over ten years old! I think people's associations with The Matrix have been tinged by the sequels, spin-offs, marketing, etc., but if you watch the first film in isolation it truly is incredible. Especially considering when it was released.

Also: can never get enough marmite. I have it rarely, but when I do... oh, wow. Anyway. I also had my first taste of truffles the other day too (at an expensive restaurant I'll probably never be able to go to again). So yay. Not mutually exclusive at all.
If he liked marmite, my opinion of the man would have changed drastically... I like Twiglets, but I hate marmite. As should Joss.
I LOVE football!!! American football. The best kind. I am such a fan!

That was nice. Go Joss!!!
Strong words Jayme. I feel I am being pushed towards an all out Whedonesque marmite war.
Marmite doesn't even sound yummy.

Nutella, on the other hand, sounds delicious!

On the summer (?) movie Gamer, the kid who controlled Gerald Butler had a pistachio spread. Want to try that! Does it exist?
Well I'm surprised to hear that marmite is worth fighting over, I mean it isn't like Joss said he likes Spike better than Angel.
Thanks for the Marmite tip, Joss!
@aus-mitch sorry you have to dream but as awesome as Joss is he was still raised in America. Anyone who has grown up in a country where Jiff distributes extra crunchy peanut butter finds it physically impossible to ingest vegemite (in my experience ;)... but I have memorized the song! It's Cute.
The title is wrong. There were only 10 things I didn't know.

There were only 9 I didn't know. (I knew #4. I don't know why. Maybe I asked it of him in the interview? Too lazy to go check.)

Re: The Matrix, my favorite movie is still Ferris Bueller's Day Off. So, movies that you love kinda have staying power. When they're your favorite, they're your favorite for a reason. Doesn't go away and to change it you'd need a really awesome new thing.
I'm still always surprised that anyone can truly name one favorite movie. I do have a go-to favorite as well (for me, it's Donnie Darko) if people ask, so I'm always assuming that The Matrix is Joss' go-to movie. But in actuality I feel that anyone who really has just one favorite movie, has probably not seen enough movies ;). (But I'm sure the experience might be different for others).

I always feel it's nearly impossible to compile a favorite movies list. There's so many of 'em and a large amount of those are great and it's nearly impossible to order them. Trying drives me nearly mad. It's usually much easier to do a 'favorite [insert genre here] movie' list, because it's more defined, but a general one? Hard! :). TV shows are much easier (TV shows take a much larger investment to watch entirely and as such one's usually seen much less TV shows than movies and because of their length, one has much more time to get truly attached to one of 'em), as is music because for most people (well, probably for most people, I have no actual numbers to prove this ;)) taste in music is much more narrowly defined than taste in movies...

... sorry, went off on a tangent there. Yes, fun video this (albeit a bit late, as everyone's mentioned) :).
Hey, my favorite (or at least go-to favorite) movie is The Princess Bride, and I wasn't even born when that was released...not to mention how long Buffy and Firefly have been over and how many people still say one of those is their favorite series.

And I just have to say how convenient this video was, as my roommate left me a secret message yesterday to which I had to respond by working truffles into a conversation.
I can't watch the video right now because I have a baby napping on me but I'm disappointed that the Whedonesque-Marmite-Wars aren't taking off. What are ya, a bunch of pacifists??
It's because I'm right and marmite is the only thing worth having on toast. They all secretly acknowledge this and know they cannot win.
Really pleasantly surprised about the football thing. There when times were people were giving me the crazy eye when they heard I liked Joss and NFL, since football fans - clearly - can only be braindead jocks who cannot grasp the value of good drama because they are only thinking in hits, strength and violence.

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