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December 05 2009

What the papers say about last night's episodes of Dollhouse. The A.V. Club gave 'The Public Eye' a B+ and 'The Left Hand' an A, saying "all in all, a great night for the show, with intimations of greater nights to come". CinemaBlend went with "the back-to-back eps felt more like one big, super-sized episode of awesomeness". TV Squad said the first part was "as truly an excellent episode of Dollhouse" and called it "one of its strongest installments yet a cool and exciting hour of TV". And's Ken Tucker called the second part "the single best edition of Dollhouse ever".

As ever if you've seen other reviews or want to promote your own review do post the links in the comments section.

Oh how it kills me to see Dollhouse go. I just recall watching these episodes thinking to myself "These are some of the best hours of television I have seen on television." Captivating.
I just finished watching them..and..they were terrible.

KIDDING! Best aired episodes yet.
Was just saying, they had two amazing episodes on just as it's already been decided they're outta here. Sigh.

Enver Gjokaj/Victor totally rocked last night :)!
I added a glowing EW review to the entry.

io9 loved it.
Anyone else thinking its like when they cancelled Angel, and then aired some of the best episodes of the show straight after?
I thought about Angel after I watched the first of the two episodes last week, and then again after the second. These two episodes (along with Belonging) are much more like what I expected the show to be from the beginning. These last two, in particular, were very good. I didn't think the last Angel episodes were quite "the best," but they were very good compared to what I thought were lackluster seasons 4 and most of 5.

The reality is, though, that the chances for renewal were always slim, and the show was forced to close down a lot of plotlines and accelerate things heading into the finale. Most shows, when faced with imminent cancellation, tend to become better for no other reason that loose ends must be tied up. There's going to be a lot of payoff for us in the next episodes.

That said, I wonder if I'd be as happy with the show if Dollhouse *wasn't* under such a threat at the time. If this plotline had been stretched out over another season, would I be satisfied with it? I imagine not.
Ern, you don't know if everything we have seen so far would have been the same over a 5 year plan.

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