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December 05 2009

Dollhouse ratings for eps 5 and 6. Predictable.

Ehh. Thought so. Ok. I mean, better than what I thought. The first hour at least.
Dollhouse hits a new low, under 2 mil. And on the best episode too. Shame.
I thought it had hit under 2 mil before? Those were actually slightly better than I was fearing to read.
How will this affect the show's chances of cancellation?
I think "Dollhouse" might be in danger!
Well Fox is airing all episodes of season 2 so that's a good sign for a third season.
It had 2x 10 second promos and a tweeted link which went to a blank page (still does) in the 5 weeks it's been off air. Not a surprise at all; entirely FOX's fail.
THR says it tied with the series low so one wonders what would have happened if it had been advertised.
Re: Simon- *rolls eyes*

But you know, I'm actually feeling rather sanguine about all this. From what Joss has said, with these 26 (28?) episodes, they've told the story they wanted to tell. They've hit all the important notes. The Powers That Be have basically come out and said that we'll get some sort of closure, so that's a good thing, and in that way, I'm hopeful that the world won't see this as The Firefly Saga, redux. I'll mourn the show's loss, but I'd mourn it even more if it were left unfinished. Absent that, things are probably going to be okay. Even if there's less Victor in the world.
Given these terrible ratings, maybe FOX will air the entire season this month, so that the show's ratings don't stink into the new year? I'm not drooling and I'm certainly not greedy, I just want a nice christmas present, even if it would be more likely if they canned the show immediately to have a great DVD-box with 7 unaired episodes in spring.
I went onto that page with literally no emotion whatsoever, and I come out thinking it was better than what I was expecting. Melrose Place seems to be getting that on a weekly basis and doesn't that have a lot of advertising?
Ok, so "fearing" was a word used to convey my regret of the ratings that posterity will have to read. Simon, you're so silly... =P
Up! Up! It needs to go up, dammit!

How in the world are we supposed to get a third season if the ratings aren't showing any signs of improvement? *grr... argh...*

I think the time has come to start a "Save Dollhouse" campaign or something. Otherwise we're doooomed!

A campaign never works.
Maybe they can cut costs and get a 3rd season by having Enver play everyone.
Seriously, he was freaking amazing.
now that's an idea! I'd like to see him play Adele.
Enver as Adelle would be the greatest thing on TV...ever.
I'm not bothered by the ratings.
Maybe Enver can have lunch with Joss and inspire him to create a show for him. Then they take it to cable and it will be very popular. Joss gets EMMYS, Enver becomes a superstar, FOX cries, Eliza occassionally guest stars as a nerd, everyone is happy.
I suspect Enver is going to do just fine on his own. He's clearly got mad skills and will hopefully have many people interested in working with him after this.
Free Thread ;).

Lots of peeps DVRing it as per normal, so it'll rise a little. What's good is that the reponse has been lovely to read on twitter. If the show manages to keep this momentum then critically it can go out on a high, which is nice!
It's sad that two MILLION people is not considered a lot people. Sure looks like a lot to me.
I'm only bothered by the ratings in that I don't trust Fox to air the episodes as promised.... I feel that these extremely (albeit expectedly) low ratings will give them an excuse to stop airing the episodes and decide to do something else with the time slot. But at least we know that ALL episodes are getting made, and will be released on DVD... so I guess I shouldn't repine.
The viewership held steady across the two hours and even picked up a bit. IIRC, the viewership usually drops over the hour. Either we've hit the rock bottom core audience, or these episodes actually worked better. (I'd say a bit of both). The good news is the reviews and the buzz.
I think FOX are quite conscious about hate-mail now-a-days, so I think its probably safe for them in the long run to just show the rest. I doubt they will go back on their word.
FOX has aired all of Terminator*s episodes, so I should trust them, but I don't think the ratings of Terminator have been this low. Honestly, I'd understand if they pulled the show off the air. I am surprised they have kept it on the air this long. I wouldn't mind watching all the episodes on DVD, though I'd probably not have the patience to wait.

Anyone know when FOX plans to release season two? Since the show is over next month, it'll probably be released earlier than May, won't it? I am already curious about the special features. And who can we blackmail into giving Dollhouse a score soundtrack? Angel, Firefly and Buffy had one, Dollhouse deserves one too.
Well I honestly would have to think that when they pulled the show when it was pulling a .8 and then announced it "cancelled" before they released it back into the wild to wrap it up, they couldn't have been expecting a ratings increase. What new viewer wants to get hooked into a canceled show?

So if they cancel it now because of low ratings I would actually be rather shocked. Same normal question, why bring it back at all if you weren't ok with the .8 rating?
Dollhuse as Fox wanted it to be, and as we know it, ended last night and was replaced by something more intriguing...just like the classic "Surprise/Innocense" Buffy episodes that changed the game on Buffy way back in 1998.
Any chance they can just show all the episodes on FX so we can catch up and find out how really cool this show is?
Well, no, but they should have.
And please, Enver's agent, send season one of Dollhouse to every casting agent you know. That will help them know how good he is, not including being Topher 2.0.
You know, maybe Enver should have been the lead ni th enew show Human Target. He could have been the Rollin Hand (Mission: Impossible) of the 21st Century.
Enver for cable as a lead in a sci-fi show. That's a joey train I'm already on board.
To be honest revisiting dollhouse season 1 is just a bad idea.
How expensive is a cable show, any how? I know there's almost zero chance that it will move to FX, but one can hope.
How enjoyable it is not to care about the ratings anymore, just waiting to treasure my season 2 bluray set :D
I am so not caring about ratings anymore.
If Dollhouse is ever rebroadcast on another channel, the show would be better served if the high points of episodes 1 through 5 could be compressed into a tight backstory lead-in, and then just start the series with episode 6.

Dollhouse took a while to find itself, but once it did the show really starting firing on all pistons...
Yeah but the reason episode six seemed so good is also because it took time to get to it
Heh. The reviews are all saying "THESE WERE THE BEST TWO HOURS OF TELEVISION EVER", which they rightly were, and yet the ratings stayed the same.

Actually, I'm grateful they didn't drop. Something about hardly advertising the show at all over a six-week hiatus and the announcement of the show's cancellation confusing people into thinking that no more episodes would be aired at all.

Y'know, little things. =/
Dollhouse is great now but, can anyone imagine a non-whedon fan coming along mid-season and half understanding what's going on? I was pretty confused with new eps and I watch religiously. Details like : Perrin's not a doll, just a modified version of himself, and at the end he's sort of who he was at the start. Smart stuff but it's like it's designed to scare off the average viewer.
Enver Gjokaj did something remarkably insane fantastic job on his beeing Topher. I'm in awe. Best actor.

Loved this back to back thing, more shows should do this.
I'm not surprise. Does anyone know if the previews for S2Ep7&8 up yet? I need the link, please. Thanks.
Yeah but the reason episode six seemed so good is also because it took time to get to it

The reason episode six was so good was because it was so good.

So, by your reasoning, a rebroadcast of Dollhouse should still begin with the weaker, flawed, first five episodes so the show can lose new viewers who don't have the patience, or experience with Joss' process, to stay around until the show really takes off?

Yeah, good plan... because it worked so well the first time...
Ratings.. erm... schmatings.
Episodes 1 and 3 could do with some condensing, and the pilot (before reshoots, but without the name 'phantom') should be included, but the rest is plenty good in my opinion.
These eps were Teh One True Joss. *sigh* And Enver = amazing talent. I fervently hope we see him again, soon.
Well, I certainly enjoyed the double episodes last night, nearly forgotten that they were to air. The very fact that the show retained the same ratings as it last aired also gave me a smile. Yeah, I know...

Still, did you guys check out the pre-view for next week? Oooh, looks good! I've a feeling Joss will end this story with a great final. Staying glued to the seat 'til the end.
Great shows. Though I see poor Summer typecast as the psycho girl (but she's so good at it!). It was good to see other familiar faces from Angel. As for the story, great twist on Senator Perrin! And more about Caroline's past (not so nice). And now LA Doolhouse versus Rossum! With wonderful Alan T. returning next week! The low ratings merely reflect my opinion that the average American does not wish a television show to challenge them, nor one that is intelligent. What would we do without Joss and the Broadcasting companies that (as much as we want to hate them) at least give him an outlet to reach and entertain us? Looking forward to next week.
As long as they air all the final eps. Hard to believe they wont, but still a bit nervous.
A pox on ratings! meh. Un-cancellation is not "bloody likely." I figure Joss has had enough time this time to wrap up all our questions, put a bigger question mark on it, and leave us to talk amongst ourselves about what it all means, while he moves on to those other projects. And for that, I am very grateful!
Nothing to add really, except these could be worse, not that it really matters anymore.

Also, don't want to be a party pooper here, but can we watch the spoilers please. Just glancing through this thread I've seen an important reveal about Perrin, a soon to be returning character and a couple of other things I would have liked to have not known till I've seen the episode. A lot of people on here aren't from the US and don't want great moments from these new episodes ruined in non-spoiler tagged discussions, particularly when there are helpful instructions here on how to hide spoilers in the "'How to' tips" link.

Sorry if this comes across a bit whiny.
I don't consider it whiny at all, Vandelay. It's a valid concern. On the other hand (The Left Hand? Get it? I'm here all week), you might want to refrain from visiting threads that are episode specific in subject matter, until after you've seen them. It works both ways.

I'm perfectly fine with these ratings. It's what I expected and I don't have much of a reaction either way. I'm just enjoying these episodes as they come. If the ratings had been astronomically bad (like, 0.3 or some such), then yeah, sadness incarnate. As it stands, I'm good. :)

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