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December 06 2009

Dollhouse Simplified (by Windows 7). Cringe-tastic Fox advert.

Yikes. It's better for the show if they just don't bother at all at this point. Not unless they're willing to make even the barest effort.
Gotta ask - WHY is FOX doing this now?? I mean, it's not even a case of "too little too late" at this point.
Yeah, that would have been almost helpful in February.
Ugh. It's a tiny compensation to know that once Dollhouse is gone we at least won't be subjected to this kind of misguided marketing anymore...
Wow. Give me this advertisement, $20 dollars, and a room full of people who've never seen the show and I'd definitely be $20 dollars richer.
I hate when an advert is longer than a video clip you want to watch.

Regardless. So this show is all about hot people eh?
(sigh) Hey, lets blame Bill Gates, that's the ticket!
Yea, I wondered what Microsoft could be thinking, pairing their name with that advertisement and thus ticking off every Dollhouse viewer in the process.

Then I remembered... most marketing folks use Macs. Conspiracy?
I thought it was lame but kinda cute?
Simplified is right. Get your hot, sexy Dolls here.

Windows 7 by Dummies.

I completely see the show warning about why we should ditching the tech if this is it's intended use.
What's the opposite of a thought?

Cause my brain just had one after watching that.
There's this show called Dollhouse with all these sexy dolls, then there are these people who aren't sexy dolls! Then there's this guy who has changing relationships with the sexy dolls!

Really, I assume this was supposed to be cute or funny while also being informative, but I'll eat my hat if it was any of those things.

For a network that was supposedly uneasy about the messy and potentially offensives sexual themes and implications, it sure does seem like they want to market it as softcore porn. But I'm beating a dead horse here. Fox sucks at this stuff, big surprise.

[ edited by Cyclopticxander on 2009-12-06 12:18 ]
What is this I don't even.

Every time I see one of those billboards that says "I'm a PC, and Windows 7 was my idea" I want to scribble on it - "So was Windows Vista".

And terrible advertising. I don't know why they are bothering.
Imaginary dialogue for Fox's Windows 7 version of Dollhouse.

"Given that you're a raping scumbag, one tick shy of a murderer, would you like to get sexy wih me now?"
Maybe windows 7 platform needed a new show after they figured out Family Guy wasn't the best fit? So this is SO much better... Disclosure: I own a PC. It's running windows 2000 right now, I think. And also: WHY? what the f*ing hell?
Ummm...Reminded me of Chuck promos. Except they're appropriate for the tone of the show they're advertising.
viewingfigures that made me laugh. A lot!
viewingfigures, that's the Windows logon sound on FOX PCs.
Inside the mind of the network marketer.

Scary places.

I guess since they don't yet have the series ending to give away they were a bit stuck for ideas.
I normally refrain from commenting when I have nothing to add to the discussion. I have failed to do so in this case.

Good lord, that was stupid. I don't think a simple show (read: bad show) could be summed up in 15 seconds, much less Dollhouse. Are any of the show's fans actually in it for the sexy at this point?
Are any of the show's fans actually in it for the sexy at this point?

Seeing Eliza wake up with the senator is one of the reasons why I like this show, yes.
I got the sound but couldn't see the pictures and I think I am content to let it stay that way.
I saw this a couple of days ago. I had the same response as most of you. Cringeworthy. Did they put this together just to say they advertised the show to those of us who have complained about the lack thereof? Thanks, but no thanks.
I saw it Friday night and started to get excited for about 2 seconds. Then I started to cringe and hope that people would either remove ads in DVR or that everyone in America besides me had gotten up for a drink or something during the commercial break. How... what... but, I... WHY?? What even was that?! Why are they trying to simplify a show as complex as this at this point in the show's life? Why not show the drama of it? Dollhouse is simply not a comedy, as much as Fox seems to have wanted it to be.
The "Dollhouse Simplified" thing is really about Windows 7 and not about Dollhouse. You should see some of the "Seven Word Recaps" they do at the end of a football game on FOX.

This is almost certainly marketing money *for* FOX, not money being spent *by* FOX. Really, nothing to see here.
Yeah, lame... on the positive side Windows 7 is quite good ;) (so was Vista post SP1, but 7 is way better). I'm Topher, and a dystopian future apocalypse with Felicia Day was my idea!
Wow. This makes me want to blow the rest of my savings on a macbook pro.
If I had never seen Dollhouse before, this commercial would have mostly confused me and not given me enough info.
Actually... I find this ad kind of revelatory.

This may be what the outside world thinks of Dollhouse, folks: really confusing, with attractive people.
I really don't understand why they're bothering with new ads (or ads at all) when they've already decided they're done with it.

It's kind of pissing me off.
While in theory it is nice that they didn't completely give up on advertising the show, it is just sad that this ad is of the same "quality" as the Grindhouse and Fight Night ads. (The Grindhouse ad was actually not completely bad, but misleading and therefore ineffective.)
This is really funny. I mean, it makes me want to cry, but it's funny.
I think this was the all time low for a Dollhouse ad. It's awsum!
I just died a little more inside.
Yeah, a 0.8 with a 2.1, which matches the same as last October.

Very depressing, but I don't see the decline. Then again, I'm one of those "glass half-full", charming people so maybe I'm just blinded by the facts. Still, I'll go down swinging!
Yeah, seeing this Friday night made me want to curl up and die. Barf.
Remember that blind religious girl? So sexy! And the creepy serial killer guy? That was pretty hot.
Oh please let them do a better job promoting Glee when it comes back.
Glee is after American Idol so even if they don't advertise it, it'd have higher ratings than it did prior. Idol Boost FTW.

Also, Another winner from the most liked team in the geekverse: FOX and Microsoft! If this was from one of them summary comedy sites, it'd be a bit funny but mostly misses the spot. Reminds me of Yahtzee from Zero Punctuation, w/o the humour.

[ edited by Jayme on 2009-12-06 19:54 ]
Sunfire, I don't think there's anything to worry about with Glee. I don't think I know a single person who doesn't watch that show. And have you seen their iTunes sales? That show barely needs promotion anymore.
FOX and Microsoft!

Yes. Why would an all powerful monolithic company wants its critically aclaimed product associated with something like Windows 7?
Which is why Glee will continue to be promoted. Shows that are popular get promoted like crazy in general. Those on the bubble or about to fail have no budget.
I had an evil thought. If Microsoft is really paying for this; then Fox marketing people might know that it just scares off people, so they wanted to couple it with a show which was canceled anyway, so their other shows would not get hurt.
And why do we ask why? Shouldn't "NCIS" satisfy your cravings? Appearently, the networks do.
If my daughter's high school is anything to go on, every teenage girl in the U.S. watches Glee (along with lots of other people), so I think it's going to be just fine.

I'm skipping this ad, though. Can't sit through an ad to watch another ad.
Dear Fox Executives, I'm really not nearly as stupid as you think I am. Love, Me.
That was disgusting.
People who actually watch Dollhouse are more likely to BUILD their own computers...
I was going to watch it, but I flat refuse to sit through a commercial in order to view a commercial.
Promo bad. Eliza pretty.
Wrong on so many levels...but OT, I could have sworn the Walmart commercial before the promo sported a Christmas ditty sung by Felicia Day. It sounded like her, spot on. Maybe I'm just steadily losing my mind.
iluvmusicals Hi. We haven't met. holds out hand My name is ShadowQuest. And...I don't watch "Glee."

Seriously. I had zero interest in it from the promos and don't even know what night it's on.
Zeitgeist said:

I'm Topher, and a dystopian future apocalypse with Felicia Day was my idea!

See, I think Joss was overreaching with that one.

How could a future be dystopian AND have Felicia Day in it? That's a contradiction. Clearly 95% of all things awesome everywhere survived if Felicia Day is still around. (There's a 6% margin of error in my estimation.)

As it stands, we have it established that it's a melodramatic (literally) tragedy if she dies and it's happily ever after if Ms. Day gets super-slayer-powers.

So if Felicia Day is around in the future, it means that everything the Dollhouse ever did is justified and that future is sunshine and puppies. Because if it were so bad, she wouldn't be in it.

Eh? Eh? Did I run that idea into the ground yet?
OH . . . MY . . . GOD.

I do not have a word to describe how awful that clip is.
Patrick - Ha! :) Nice one!

People who actually watch Dollhouse are more likely to BUILD their own computers...

All I know is that I've been building my own since the mid 90s. P.S., only a small minority of people I know watch Glee, but those who do love it in an unhealthly fashion.
Hi ShadowQuest! I'm actually pretty glad to hear that. With the directions they're currently taking Glee, its seemingly endless popularity is just getting frustrating. (I'm still hanging on for the sake of the Joss episode.) But there are a LOT of people in the world who watch it. It's apparently a favorite among my grandmother's friends as well as mine, if that's any indication...
How can I still feel surprised at how backwards Dollhouse promotionals are. What did that take 1 minute of thought? Way to capture the 12 year old boy market. This sounds like an ad someone made up on there way to work. Uhh Dolls, dolls... Hot dolls, that's it! Paycheck please!

Honestly, apart from the background images they basically just tried to sell me a Maxim subscription.
FOX also promoted Firefly with the "Spaced out spacemen!" tag line. *gag*

They don't know how to promote Joss' work. Their ads seem to be geared to grabbing the attention of drunk, horny guys at a frat party. Whatever the show is, it will be shoved through the FOX ad filter and come out that way.
Well, I dunno about purely aimed at the 12-year-old boy market/trying to essentially sell a Maxim subscription. They wouldn't have included referring to Victor as hot if they were going for the purely straight dude market, heh.

The promo still sucks, just thought I'd point that out(it was nice that they at least recognized the man-pretty in addition to all the other eye candy).
In addition to the depression I'm feeling over Dollhouse's cancellation, FOX had to make me feel embarrassed to watch a promo for the show.

Thanks, FOX yet another reason to remind me why you suck so mightily. Joss, please, never, ever again work with these putzes.
My brain. Is melting.

And I'm ashamed to say I'm typing this on Windows 7.

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