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December 06 2009

Firefly on Amazon UK's '12 Days of Christmas Sale!'. Get 69% off! Get a nice Christmas present..for yourself! Region 2 may only be viewable inside Europe.

Buffy seasons 1-7 collection (Region 2) is also on sale: here (67% off)
I find it so odd I got the Buffy and Angel box sets before they went even more expensive. I paid around 50 for each. And, like a month after, I checked the prices and Buffy was all 110 or something. Overall, I was pleased, even if I don't really love the R2 sets. R1's are much prettier, but I'm not sure if I like the widescreen or fullscreen more. I think I prefer widescreen since it makes it look a bit more contemporary. Yeah. Went on a bit of a ramble.

EDIT: Man, some awesome bargains there now I'm looking. Eight seasons of Smallville for 70. 6 of Dawson's Creek for 30. Ben 10, hah, for 27. Seriously wow.

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