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December 06 2009

Questions needed for the ultimate Buffy fan quiz. If you remember SciFi UK's Buffy quiz from last month, people thought it was a bit easy and as suspected questions 8 and 9 were indeed incorrect. So as a result, SciFi UK want to do a new quiz with hard questions submitted by you.

So think of some hard Buffy questions (with possible four answers and indicate the corrrect answer) and email them to and we'll forward them on.

Can we make sure they tell us which answers we got wrong this time? It's a bit annoying being told you got 18/20 or whatever and not knowing which part of your Buffy knowledge isn't up to scratch.
Didn't there use to be a Buffy advent/december quiz of some kind? I remember 'competing' in those through a website every year. It was probably a UK effort. Those questions used to be hard. I have a vague memory that it was located at, but there's nothing there (which doesn't mean it wasn't there years ago). Anyone else remember those?
I'll have to go dig up my "The Good, the Bad and the Buffy" quiz & see if anything's "hard" enough to contribute.

One I can think of off the top of my head is: What was the name of the movie Buffy & Angel went to see?

GVH I don't know about a quiz, but over at the Bronze:Beta we've had Advent "calendars" for the past few years. Someone posts a link to a picture of one of our Scoobies, the Fang Gang, or a Big Bad each day.

They haven't started this year, but that could be because December snuck up on us.
My Buffy trivia question is "Name all seven actresses who have played Buffy?" but it doesn't really work with multiple choice answers.
Ahh, excellent! I think we can come up with a few (hides smile with hand). Thank you for the follow up, Simon.
I hope the questions are in-Buffyverse questions. Nothing makes me madder than seeing a Buffy quiz and getting questions like "which football team was Charisma a cheerleader for?" or whatever.
zz9, off the top of my head, I can come up with SMG, Kristy Swanson, Eliza Dushku, the little girl from "Killed by Death", the little girl from "The Weight of the World", a stunt double in Angel's "Girl in Question." Who am I missing? Are talking canonical? If we get into voicing in video games, I'm at a complete loss.

I'm not going to submit this, but I was thinking this the other day (I've been rewatching all 144 episodes while I run on the treadmill, so these things happen), "What two episodes did Amber Benson star in the Emma Caulfield did not?" Anyone know? I'm pretty sure it's two.

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there are two actresses who voiced Buffy for video games....
CaptainB, those, but not any stunt doubles or stand ins, and there was another "Young Buffy" in a flashback Dawn saw of her and Buffy playing on swings and the actress who did the (unaired) Animated Series (same actress who did the video game voice as well) so...

Kristy Swanson
Mimi Paley
Alexandra Lee
Candice Nicole
Giselle Loren

If I knew the name of the rat who played Buffy in BBB I'd have eight!
Did we not learn in season 8 that the girl in "The Girl in Question" might not have been Buffy anyway?

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Oh, I got mixed up. I meant the stunt double in "Soul Purpose". Woops. Agreed, "the Girl in Question" was probably the dupe mentioned in the comics.
Can we also name all the characters played by SMG in the television series.

If we count seperate beings, rather than Buffy under the influence of magic which changes her personality, as in "Halloween" or "Beer Bad", or Buffy in a different time line as in "The Wish" or "Normal Again", then I get four:

The Buffybot
The First

Can anyone think of any others?
There'd be the vampire version of Buffy (therefore not Buffy) from "Nightmares."

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zz9, I'm so going to chase you around this room with a chainsaw! Like others, I kept coming up with 6. Been beating my one remaining brain cell the past few hours trying to figure out number seven. These are the questions we're looking for.

BTW, how do you fire up a new 25" McCall chain saw? There's no buttons that say, "Vroom, vroom". Ah, I figure it out. :)
Madhatter, how about "Which episodes have Nick Brendon's twin brother playing Xander?"
There's the obvious one but also the big fight in the lobby of Glory's apartment was (obviously to me) Kelly.

Off topic, name the two sets of twin actors in Terminator II. And my all time favourite trivia question, what is Michael J Fox's middle name?
Just thought of one:

Which two episodes end with the word "Mommy"?
"I Was Made to Love You" and "The 'I' in Team."

Should we not be answering these?
Catches me repeatedly pulling on start cord of said chainsaw.

bearest, I don't think three parts vinegar and one part oil makes very good chainsaw fuel. Setting it aside for now.

Michael J Fox's middle name? Err, isn't it 'James'? Or is it 'Jackson'? Damnit!
Did "Forever" end in "mommy" or "Dawnie"?
Buffy dialogue DB says it ends with "It's okay."
Michael J. Fox's middle name is Andrew! Lol.
It was "I was made to love you" and "The body" in which Joss broke all of our hearts. Gosh, really miss that kinda' of storytelling.

Andrew? Really?!
Yeah, seriously. The "J" was made up.
Nuh-uh, MH--assuming the two eps you noted were in answer to the "Mommy" question(?).

"The Body" ends with Dawn asking "Where'd she go?"

"The I in Team" ends with Adam skewering Professor Walsh and calling her "Mommy."

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Eck, forever shamed!

Give me a sec, I'll blame someone.
Feel free to blame me, Maddy, I don't mind ;).
I got one. Out of all seven seasons of Buffy, how many started out with Buffy in a cemetery during the first episode's teaser? No cheating. Off the top of your head. Name each season if you can. This one might be tricky for some....
Hrm. I know seasons 4, 5 and 7 did. I know seasons 1, 3 and 6 didn't. I'm blanking on how season 2 started.
That's not exactly right.

Season one opened with Darla.
Season two didn't see Buffy until after Xander and Willow.
Three opened with the Scoobies covering for Buffy while she was in L.A. Nighthawk and all.
Four did with Buffy waiting and being off her game.
Five did. Dracula.
Six opened with the surviving Scoobies hunting vamps in the cemetary BUT Buffy was technically in one as well. Least her body.
Seven did, with Dawn. "It's about power."

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Well, I don't count six because the Buffy character wasn't there on screen. But....wasn't Buffy buried in the woods? I don't remember any tombstones near her own. I could be mistaken.
Ah, good call, jay swif. So Buffy was actually *seen* in a cemetery four out of seven seasons. Interesting.

ETA: because weren't Willow and Xander in a cemetery, or at least near one before Buffy came in?

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3 out of seven seasons. Season two started with Xander and Willow meeting Buffy OUTSIDE the cemetery, not in. Ha, ha...semantics. So the correct answer is Season 4, 5 and 7. jkalderash wins the prize which is....uh, the joy of being right the first time in a harmless game of Buffy trivial pursuit. Thanks for playing, guys. :)

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I demand a recount...

Gosh, I get really competitive here...

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