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December 06 2009

(SPOILER) Promo for next double bill of Dollhouse (2x07 & 2x08). Here's the trailer for next week folks.

Half-naked fighting! Suits and accents! Militant yoga! It's all looking good.

It looks really good. I'm very excited.
They had me at . Not that they didn't have me already.
Squee! While recognizing that part of the excellence is due to the limited temporal nature... Alan Tudyk.
Is it Friday yet??
Yes! There isn't much of 2x07 in there, huh? That's cool, all the more to be excited about come Friday. So things to be excited about right now: Alpha! Eerily Wash-like suit! Adelle being held hostage, kind of, and probably not for all that much time! Also- (spoilerific beyond what's shown in this trailer) certain very cool guest stars coming back, presumably to be killed for this episode. And what's in the background of the last shot? A shirt or scarf or something on the imprint equipment? Who was undressing in the imprint room?!?

EDIT: I am really feeling the spoiler-tag love...

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Alpha is the Joker!
It's like the Joker and the Riddler merged into one! Batman wouldn't know what to do!

And in answer to GoldDust8912's wardrobe question, I believe it is the article of clothing that character had been wearing in other parts of the promo. Guess the imprint room requires a certain dress code of active wear.
Hehehe, I'm imagining it being tossed off in a frenzy. Don't know why this would happen, but I hope it's addressed on Friday! And on camera!
Guess who's back!

Looks awesome, can't wait.
The week suddenly seems a lot longer...why can't it be Friday all the time?
If it were Friday all the time, we'd be more than halfway to the end of Dollhouse by now. I'll stick with the weekly Fridays.
One Friday a week seems fair to me.

Getting two episodes a week is pretty surreal. I definitely prefer it to one episode every five weeks.
Who's that on the rooftop with suave Mr. Alpha?
Barney Stinson.
I find it weird when old character's voices come out of new character's mouths. That last line? Evil Willow through and through.

Sunfire - I think it's .
I think you're right, curlymynci. Thanks, I couldn't place him before.
It's tough to tell, even in the downloaded mp4, but it certainly could be.
Between IMDB's episode cast list and how his hair-pixels fall just so, I have complete confidence it's him. Or some other brunette man.
"It's like the Joker and the Riddler merged into one! Batman wouldn't know what to do!"

I love Batman but I gotta say against Alpha (who is basically, what? 48 evil people in 1!!!) Bats would be most certainly dead.
All I gotta say is WOW. Can't wait!
CrazyKidBen, you took the words out of my mouth.

After watching the preview my exact words were, "What?! No! Yes!" I cannot wait to see these eps. Actually I can't wait to have them on DVD.

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