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December 07 2009

iF Magazine interviews Enver Gjokaj. A nice little Q & A with our golden boy, Enver. Unfortunately not recent enough to talk about certain recent tours-de-force, but still very charming with lots of Dollhouse acting insight.

Seriously though, dibs on Enver. I've set our wedding date for next winter. The rest of you single ladies and gents can stay away... :)
That wish to do the series for ten years was a little depressing.

I'll miss Enver regardless what he ends up doing next though, since he makes playing so many different characters look effortless. Hrm, unless he does one of those old-timey con artist movies I can't think of any other opportunities where he'd get to tackle so many roles.

Well, unless he joined a sketch comedy thing like SNL but I keep getting the impression he's a proper dramatic actor even if he is willing to do funny things.
That wish to do the series for ten years was a little depressing.

Yes, but it's nice to know how much he enjoys working on it. I really will miss him as Victor but look forward to his future endeavors, which should be plentiful if the world has any order. I will most definitely check out his movie when it's released.

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I've been loving Enver's portrayal of Victor (and his many imprints) and I look forward to seeing him in other projects in the future. I'm talking to you, Leverage! ;)
I'll fight you for him, GoldDust12! The battle will be epic!

He's the single thing I look most forward to with each episode. What will Enver do next? He blows me away every time. Yet another reason to love Joss: for discovering this guy.
"Iíve been on a lot of sets and a lot of places where the people were everywhere from disliking each other to just kind of being professionally distant, and this set is so amazing. It starts with Joss and just kind of trickles down. Iím a fan boy with that guy." - Enver

I adore the unique sense of family he describes about Joss' cast and crew. Yes!

Enver is such a lovely person. *gets in the Mrs. Gjokaj line* ;-)
One of things I adore about the Dollhouse cast - those I've met - is they're both extremely professional and talented - and not dicks. They're genuinely great people. Anybody who has stuck around other shows will know things start to get (or begin) hairy. It can be a nightmare. I'm not sure Joss has said it publicly before, but the cast on this show fell together like the Firefly cast.

I'll give you an example - and I rarely talk about these things they're my experiences - but during the shooting of Vows me and my best friend were stood on the lot. Tahmoh was stood talking to Dichen, so we kept our distance and messed around waiting for them to finish. After a while we returned anyway - it turned out Tahmoh had been waiting around on the set to meet me as he had heard I was on set. So he was killing time whilst I finished messing around to meet me. TV actors don't hang around to meet fans. Unless you're Tahmoh. Coincidentially - the reason I was even on set was one of the actresses rang me up and said 'Do you want to come and see the Dollhouse?'. They don't do that either. Unless you're Dichen. Enver hung around with me and a friend in a bar at Comic-Con for absolutely no reason, also. You don't do that either. Unless you're Enver.

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recent tours-de-force

Since I hadn't seen it when that was topical, I'll just use that as a nice pretext to jump in and blurt: that was TERRIFIC! It was hysterically funny, but it was also really excellent.

I'll even make this contrast: I think SMG is an incredibly versatile, talented actress. Really wish she'd get worthy roles. But in the eps where Buffy and Faith switched bodies, neither actress went too far in capturing the other's characteristics. SMG did some, but a lot more could have been done.

How much more?

See above. Particularly the final scene, with both "Tophers." It was a beautiful thing.
Gossi- great fan stories, thank you for that! That's a little frustrating to hear, given the inevitable path the show is on now. It would be somewhat easier to watch the show wrap up if they were all snobby jerks. Shame. :)
@ filops... I felt exactly the same. Props to Mr. Gjokaj!
Ditto to what filops said. I only managed to watch the eps last night and oh my god Enver is/was amazing. I think Rory Bremner would've struggled to do as good a Topher.

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