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December 07 2009

Alexis Denisof cast in ABC Family pilot "Pretty Little Liars". Bianca Lawson ("Kendra") will also be joining in a recurring role.

"Liars," based on Alloy Entertainment's series of novels, revolves around four teen girls -- Aria (Hale), Emily (Mitchell), Spencer (Bellisario) and Hanna (Benson) -- who begin to receive mysterious messages, seemingly from a girlfriend who disappeared three years before.

Leighton ("Melrose Place") will play Hanna's mother. Denisof ("Angel") will play Aria's father, with Kelly ("Yes, Dear") and Peeples also playing parents.

Additionally, Bianca Lawson and APA-repped Torrey DeVitto and Sasha Pieterse have
landed recurring roles in the pilot.

The other project mentioned, with Melissa Joan Heart and Joey Lawrence, is like a 90's teens show reunion!

Anyway umm looks like an attempt to cash in on Gossip Girl kinda...but thats only from the brief description. Shall keep an eye on it :)
Glad Alexis has been cast in something - jush wish it was something I would watch:)
ABC Family does do some halfway decent things ("Greek" is a gulity pleasure of mine, as is "10 Things"), so this may turn out OK. I will watch it for Alexis.
l'm looking forward to seeing how this plays out esp the characters Alexis and Bianca will be portraying.
Jelly, same here. I'm not that experienced in ABC Family's programming but Greek I always go fall back on when I'm bored. It's light-weight and fun. On the other hand, I saw that Secret Life pilot and the kids were talking about sex like they drink water. It was unbelievable. So Bad!

So, anyway, I hope is creatively alright. Might check it out.
Most of ABC Family's stuff is beyond terrible, but since 10 Things premiered, I have a little more faith in them. (It's not like that one's a fantastic show, but it's cute and it was on in the summer when nothing halfway decent ever is.) So I'll probably give this one a try just for Alexis, mostly because I know it'll all be DVRed in my house anyway by my little sister.

But I won't touch Secret Life of the American Teenager with a 60 foot pole. The writing of that show makes Hannah Montana's writers look good.
What! What!!! Alexis in a new show!! This news made my day:)
Hope it goes to series, not just a pilot.
Thank goodness this gem of an actor has a pilot (hopefully a show)!! Yes, ABC isn't that bad. Big Greek fan here!
Don't know much about ABC Family and don't have much interest in the premise. And yet i'll still probably give it a chance, such is the respect I have for the lad Denisof.

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