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December 07 2009

Five reasons why I continued to watch Dollhouse. A Sequential Tart writer explains.

Wonderful read, and so eloquently explains why I love the show. I particularly appreciate the assessment on Ballard, it outlines why he is actually one of my favorite characters. Actually, the writer really brought out how compelling many of the characters are, and could have written about even more had they chosen to. A criticism I hear too often about this show is that none of the characters are interesting, dynamic, or connectable. That is simply not true!

I also loved this bit:

Think of it as being like the painting "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte", by Seurat: up close, it's just a collection of dots you really have to step back to see the whole picture. If you've only seen an episode of Dollhouse here and there, you're just seeing individual dots that seem to mean nothing, not the beauty of the whole picture.

All in all it's a really strong essay.
I have to be a semi-colon nazi but this writer does overuse them.
But I love semi-colons; they contribute so beautifully to the full enjoyment of life. ;)

ETA: Plus hardly anyone ever uses them; they get lonely. :(

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I occasionally overuse them, but I've been cutting back lately, so this article made me feel exhilirated and slightly uneasy ;).
I didn't even notice the overuse of semi-colons. That must say something about my writing style. :S

I'm digging all the love Topher and Fran Kranz are getting this season. He's my favourite character. ♥ (Closely followed by Claire/Whiskey.)

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People use periods all the time, but nobody complains of overusing them. How come they get a free pass?
And one can't see the whole picture if one misses episodes. I momentarily spazzed on the time and missed the first of the two episodes. I was confused and it was hard to enjoy it the first time around. Of course it's hard for this show to attract new viewers...
My name is AlexReager and I've got an ellipses problem...I think I might a punctuation-whore because I never met a semi-colon that I didn't like.

And I agree with the rest, good article...sums it up nicely.
I also... adore ellipses... Problematic?
Great article.
C'mon, folks... ;) As an aside, a worthwhile piece on Friday Night Lights that dives into network mishandling and the state of network tv today; an interesting and worthwhile read for sure, however it is spoiler-y if you haven't watched FNL. Thanks, ProgGrrl

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I can watch people chasing a killer on some other show, or, on Dollhouse, I can watch people chasing a killer who can either switch personalities at the drop of the hat or who can be in more than one body at a time.

This made me giggle like a little girl and draw odd looks.
Before she enumerates her reasons, the writer says there may be massive spoilers ahead. Just making sure since there's not a spoiler tag on this post: are they just spoilers for episodes that've already aired, or should I stop reading if I'm a spoilerphobe?
The spoilers extend only up to episode 2.4, "Belonging." Nothing beyond that.
Well whole colons are expensive. If you're writing on a budget using a lot of semi-colons makes sense.
Lonely semi-colons make Angel(s) cry.
I had no idea Angel cares so much about semi-colons ;)
"Here is a lesson in creative writing. First rule: Do not use semicolons. They are transvestite hermaphrodites representing absolutely nothing. All they do is show you've been to college." - Kurt Vonnegut

Anyway, despite overused semicolons (which, honestly, I don't care about), I love this essay!
Hey - I started using semi-colons long before I started going to college; sometimes they just work better in terms of conveying the specific sense of a person's writing than the alternatives.
I love that most of this discussion is about semicolons. And to those who have spoken of how lonely semicolons are, I love you. Carry my children. I actually use semicolons because they don't get used enough. Poor semicolons :'(

I like the writeup, although it was kind of rambly and ongoing. I agree with #1 wholeheartedly. The Tophers talking on the phone was maybe my favorite scene of the series to date. It had so many quirks and layers. Plus, hilarity. And Epitaph One Topher is high in the list as well.

But back to the real topic, I notice most people whose writing I copyedit have one of two styles: semicolon love or semicolon loss. They either use them awfully all the time instead of full stops or seem afraid to even consider them.

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