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December 07 2009

When Riley met Caleb (sort of). Marc Blucas guests in tonight's episode of Castle, titled "The Fifth Bullet".

Carlo Rota, too! He's a La Femme Nikita alum I love catching on TV here and there. Can't wait for Castle tonight now!
Thank you so much. I didn't know it was a new one.

Carlo! Carlo is awesome. His parents are nice too. I love Little Mosque on the Prairie.
Rider Strong and Anne Dudek too. Totally a guest-star bonanza!
When I first saw Marc tonight I said "Riley!"

Good episode. I like that they had the doctor explaining the three types of memory, and loved Castle's inspiration. I also liked Beckett & Castle's unhappiness about...that aspect. (Being spoilery careful so's not ruin it for others.)

I know I've seen the name before, but I'm not sure I know who Rider Strong is.
He's from Boy Meets World.

Nice episode. Marc was really good.
I didn't know Marc was going to be in it, so I spent the first few minutes he was on going "Is that RILEY?" I love how many Whedon actors have guested this season.

I also saw Phil LaMarr again! It's really great to see him get some screen roles other than voice acting. The man's more of a chameleon than Enver when it comes to his acting abilities.
This was a well written episode. One of my favorites so far. I am loving this show.
Rider Strong, too! I didn't get to watch this last night, (catching up on Dollhouse on Hulu) but I DVR'd it, so it's on the watch schedule for tonight.
Marc was extraordinary. I've always considered him a decent actor, but I didn't realize how good he really is until now. He had a wonderful script to work with, and played his role with sensitivity and a lot of depth. One of the best episodes yet.
Just finished watching (DVR) and loved it! Marc Blucas was a treat (and great), and the writing was sublime. SO much better than all the crime procedurals. Your mileage may vary, of course. I'm with you, ShadowQuest.. love that our protagonists had something to.... think about.

Wonder if the show's writers watch Colbert... "icehole"!
Darn it! I was attending a Postsecret event (my 1st). I knew I was gonna miss this epi, but I had no idea Marc Blucas was gonna be on. Crap. A rerun could not happen soon enough.

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