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December 07 2009

(SPOILER) Watch With Kristin reveals casting detail for Dollhouse series finale. Spoilers for other shows as well.

It's the penultimate question, right towards the end.

I never expected that!
That was my guess exactly when I saw the casting call...pleasepleaseplease...
Huh, it never really hit me at all that would ever be an option! It makes me hopeful though... Really when they said precocious "Asian" I pretty much instantly went to that CGI kid from Up even though he's not half white. (And I had to look that up but apparently that kid is now nine so probably too old.)

I have no idea exactly how clever six year olds are supposed to be though, isn't that around kindergarten age where I imagine they wouldn't be able to read scripts well enough to emote?
Well every six year old is different. . Look at Dakota Fanning, wasn't she like 5 in I am Sam?
Just because there is a kid does not mean there are parents... since I did not see Epitaph 1, I do not know if either were in it. It's a worry. Giving out this information seems too easy to me, for some reason.
Was the fact that NPH is going to direct an episode of HIMYM already posted? That will be cool!
Oh, that would be so cute :) I hope the speculations are correct!!! So if this IS true, I wonder where the kid was in Epitaph One.....Safe Haven hopefully. Yes, I'm totally speculating here, but that is the fun part of loving a show.
Dana5140, Victor and Sierra were in Epitaph One, and it was implied that they had at some point been together. I agree that it seems too easy, but we can dream!

And if you get the right 6 yr. old, orangewaxlion, they can certainly read a script and act. The actor doesn't even have to be six; there are plenty of 7 or 8 year olds who could pull it off.
Glad you linked to Kristin because now I got the scoop on Melrose Place! Yes I watch Dollhouse and Melrose Place.
It was pointed out and hinted in the commentary of the Epitaph One that Sierra decides to go surface side rather than wait out the inevitable. That they left her out of the reunion scene at the end to make us wonder what happens to her. But of course with a whole new season being made after the fact they have the right to change what happens to her. Be it a kid with Victor, or an all together gruesome fate, they now get to decide all the while we get to squirm.

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