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December 07 2009

Tim Minear becomes showrunner for Shawn Ryan's new show "Terriers". It's part of Tim's new two-year deal with 20th Century Fox.

Alternate headline: Jobo becomes viewer for Shawn Ryan's new show "Terriers."
WOWZERS. Two of my favourite people teaming up. I just did a joygasm.
Minear and Ryan. Yep, they've just gotten themselves another viewer.
I hope this show is about puppies... I'm in!
Yeah, totally there for this. So, what is it then ? ;)

(seriously, anyone have details ? 'Crime dramedy' and 'private detective show' are the most I know so far)
Not sure what it is about, but it is for cable. Might Tim's streak of bad luck with failed FOX tv shows finally end? Let's hope so. He deserves a break and probably wouldn't mind working on a show for longer than just one or two seasons.
Donal Logue has been cast to star in Terriers, FXs comedic hourlong pilot from Shawn Ryan and writer Ted Griffin. The project, from Fox21, centers on Hank (Logue), an ex-cop who partners with his best friend to launch a P.I. business where the duo, both with maturity issues, solve crimes while trying to avoid danger and responsibility. Hank is an affable, talkative fellow whos not always the best liar but is adept at adopting different personas to find out information. He is alarmed by what he perceives as signs of his encroaching senility.
Also has an imdb page
Wow, they are two very very busy men. Nice article as well, THR.
Cheers for the info VaughnOfTheDead. Better and better, i'm a fan of Donal Logue too (he was great in 'Life' for instance).
If anyone can write a procedural about police dogs, it's ... hmm? OK, that sounds good too, as long as it's written by Tim Minear.
OH. MY. GOD. Tim Minear + Shawn Ryan + Donal Logue + Ted Griffin + Cable TV = Happiness Pie!

Tim finally took my advice.
... You're welcome, America.

'cause yeah, I totally made this happen. Me, and no one else. :)

Also, Craig Brewer is a director on this show, the guy behind Hustle & Flow and Black Snake Moan. The amount of talent here is staggering!

ETA: It looks like Robert Duncan (Buffy, Tru Calling, Point Pleasant, The Unit, Castle) is doing the music! Sweet!
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'cause yeah, I totally made this happen. Me, and no one else. :)

Good work kungfubear, I always knew you had it in you. Now, I don't mean to nag but where's that season 2 of 'The Inside' you promised ?

Rob Duncan too ? And the w00t goes on. Also, since it's cable it should get at least 12 episodes (i.e. it won't get yanked after e.g. 3 or 4. Just as a for instance, totally pulled out of Tim Minear's past the air). Assuming it goes to series of course.
It's already gone to series, Saje. Should air around summer 2010.
Ah, so they're actually making it as we type ? Cool and ta.

(if not then i'll stick to my usual "many a slip 'twixt cup and lip" reservation. Where TV/films are concerned it seems to work quite well ;)
So it's Psych without the psych?
The 'Psych' guys aren't ex-cops but it sounds fairly close apart from that (and the 'psych') - except presumably with a bit more of an edge, being cable. Fair play though, a lot of shows sound quite similar when you simplify them down to a couple of sentences.

(right enough, IIRC Shawn's dad was a policeman so you could say he's an ex-cop, once removed ;)
OMG, I hope it's Psych but trading the Psych for puppies! *sigh* A girl can dream...
Psych's on cable too, but you're right, FX is edgier than USA. Shawn passed the test to join the academy but never did because he doesn't want to deal with all the procedure. I'm not criticizing it or anything, that's just what jumped out at me when I saw "best friend PIs" and "maturity issues".
My first reaction? "That poor show, it's doomed now..."
There aren't any actual dogs involved, right? I hope it's Psych without puppies. Unless Tim kills them. I'm not really a dog person ;)

The concept sounds fun, a bit Psych like, which is also a show I like a lot. Hope it doesn't mean death to Alien Nation though. (that sounded very promising too)
The article says he's still working on Alien Nation.

This sounds interesting and if it ever gets over here I will definitely watch it.
Psych's on cable too...

Oops, if I knew that I forgot. But cool to hear I wasn't completely off base re: edgy (albeit more by luck than judgement ;).
If they do a spinoff show, they should call it "Beagles".
Good work kungfubear, I always knew you had it in you. Now, I don't mean to nag but where's that season 2 of 'The Inside' you promised?
Saje | December 08, 15:33 CET

One thing at a time, Man-Friend. I'm not a machine. This impossible wish fulfillment stuff is hard work. It requires a lot of patience, concentration and just the right amount of Pixie dust and Mogwai blood. Unfortunately, this struggling economy has reduced our budget considerably. Don't worry, all the original actors are returning (Adam Baldwin works for Jelly Bellies now), just not in their original format.

....You're all fine with The Inside being produced in Homestar-style flash animation, right? Great! See you on FX, December 23rd, 2012! :)
Kinda Sorta off topic, but does anyone know when Drive by Minear will be on dvd?
Yes, but you're not going to like the answer.

Me: "So, when are we getting Drive on DVD?"
Tim: "Never. We only made six episodes."
Me: "What about The Inside? That has a complete season, just as many episodes as Wonderfalls."
Tim: "Actually, I originally tried to interest Fox in a package deal of The Inside and Strange World together as one complete set. Obviously, it didn't pan out. In the future, who knows? But Drive isn't happening. You can get the whole thing on iTunes."
Your close enough with Psych being network. The Mentalist (on CBS) is pretty much the same show.
Reunion of the "Reunion" team....
Reunion of the "Reunion" team....
WilliamTheB | December 09, 06:11 CET

Ahh ...yes! And on cable. Joss to cable next, please.

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