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"You don't have to remember me. You don't even know who I am. But I do."
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December 08 2009

Happy Birthday Simon Helberg! Raise a glass to celebrate Mr. Helberg's 29th.

Tried to work in a Moist reference but my musings kept coming out dirty.

"Make it a Moist...."

"Here's to a Moist...."

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I just saw A Serious Man and Simon was AWESOME!

"Look at the parking lot"
Go Simon Go! TBBT will be returning for its third season on E4 soon, I can't wait. I love the discussing I have with my mates about it on the day following.
Aw, Happy Birthday, Simon! I discovered you were on The Big Bang Theory after seeing Dr. Horrible's SAB. And wow, congrats on the Coen film, didn't know about that. I'll look for you when I see it.
Happy Birthday, Simon Helberg!
Happy birthday Mr Simon Helberg esq. and many more. You made being Moist cool where before it was more just clammy.
Good tidings to you, Mr.Helberg!

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